Friday, December 24, 2010

..::..What I never did is Done. ..:::..

For your every action,

and what did you promised to me.

The only word I can express, Despair.

You did the same thing once and again.

You never thought of what I want and of cause my feelings.

I always told my mind to forget everything.


I learn to use NEVERMIND in every sentence ,

as well as what you did to me for these days.

I wanna have a better attitude in fact.

So, do I ?

Tried to don't mind everything,

But I wonder

Will my multi-to-less attitude be last longer ?

How if I really can't endure ?

I wish to be more unrestrained, 

I wish Im a straightforward person.

I used to express my feelings via blogging instead of telling you the


Who would have thought forever could be served by

The sharp knife of a short life, well 

I've had , just enough time. 

What I never did is Done.

 From now on, 

I will expect nothing

And just considere what I get .

I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. =)

And ...

Be who you are and say what you feel .

 SMILE.  ^ ____ ^

Thursday, December 23, 2010

..::.. ♥ .::..

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

...::.. Life from Now onwards...::...

Hey babae , Im here again . =)

Sorry for using babae, this will be my next favourite quote.

Kinda short post here.

My life sucks from now onwards.

Thinking what should I do for the next day all the way.

Is senseless... The time was damn spacious for me.

Im proud to say that I had finished my CANON.

but still not in a perfect condition.

Bought Liese today finally, and is Sweet Pink .

Is not really pink .... Sorry for pink dislikers .

Expected what colour will formed on my hair.

Suddenly feel that my future was disrupt .

Flate of darkness front of me.

Couldn't choose and analyse properly.

No one was advised me.

I miss HER, HIM and THEM.

I really miss all of them !

I just couldn't forget all of those memoriessssss ...

Lifeless without Friends.

No one was supporting besides me.

No one was chatting with me.

No one was making me laugh and even smile from my deeply heart.

No one was scolding me not to think too much as they will comfort me once a week.

No one was sharing their stories with me.

No one was willing to share my burden away.

Yea... there's no one besides from FRIENDS.

Wanna call and even SMS them ,

but Im fear from disturbing them.

As one of them gonna start her study on January,

One of them gonna leave us for National Service on January.

One of them gonna work from now.

One of them still travelling around.

One of them still planning of her tertiary studies.

Sigh with emotion...

Sigh with feeling...

Sigh for elapse of the TIME. 

No more circle in my life ? 

Good luck for all PMR candidates . 

Wish you all the best. 

And please have a SMILE on your face no matter it is good or bad.

There's no use looking back of wondering. 

Look forward, Baebe.  

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

..::.. After SPM..::..

Yeah Baebe, SPM was finally GONE.

I can feel the fresh air around.


And yet, I wanna achieve these desires from NOW.

★  1.)  I want to be independent.  ★

▷ I want to earn money by myself. Dont wanna get any allowance from parents. ◁

2.) I want to dye my hair. ☆

▶ Liese is the first to introduce the latest hair styling product from Japan Hair Trends. Glossy Brown. ◀

3.) Get my license .

▷ Yea, i wanna get my license as fast as possible. And so, i can fetch all of my friends here and there. No more reason for transport problem, please. ◁

4.) Canon with piano version.

▶ Promised myself to play whole and complete Canon before the end of this year. ◀

5.) Handmade Christmas's gifts

▷ And yea.. I plan to make Christmas's gifts to " Walaoeh 's " gang. ◁

6.) Mask

▶ Do a mask at least once a week. No more excuses .  ◀

7.) Buy a new cell phone

▷ Wanna buy a new handphone with my own $$ . Wanna get a part-time job from now. ◁

8.) Watch movie with FRIENDS.

▶ Argh... I had watched the only two movies in this year. Pity me. ◀

9.) Party  ★

▷ Ms. Ng threw her words to us that We gonna have a Steamboat party in her center. Im waiting... ◁

10.) I want to learn about WINE. ☆

▶ You just don't know My way of savouring wine is just like forcing to swallow the pills. ◀

Failed to endure the bitterness of the wine.



Wednesday, December 8, 2010

..::.. List of 2010 ..::..

  • 8.1.10 Contact lens shift from my eye and It is still finally found in my socket. Whole gang of friends laugh at it.
  • 12.1.10 Catherine bought us each Bear key-chain. Everyone got the different colour and I got pink+purple.
  • 15.1.10 Silly Moral Period. We fear of Pn.Thillai, Catherine and me thought ourselves never bring her exercise book and quickly drop down on a new GAPAN book. Found it at last in our bags.
  •  21.1.10 Carmen said Catherine looks like a BALL.

  • 6.2.10  I knew is Jeat Yinn birthday, but Im still don't know her well.
  • 10.2.10 Severe Gastric Pain. Thanks Yeow Xin gave me some sweets.

  • 14.2.10 Valentine's Day and were in ULU YAM as it was the first day of Chinese New Year.
MARCH 2010
  • 3.3.10 I have a slighly beat on a stanger when lined up for the attendance for PBSM because I thought she was Pearly.

  • 7.3.10 Carmen Heng's birthday . I gave her a pair of cartoon shoes.

  • 9.3.10  @ Ms.Ng send us the replacement class during holiday and started with to my disobedient, talkactive, hyperactive, lovely and cute students. She end up her letter by REGARDS, PRETTY NG.  
                @ Made a 3D flowers on a paper. *applause*

  • 12.3.10  Gastric Pain again. Thanks Yeow Xin and Kar Yan.

  • 20.3.10  BBQ at Ms.Ng house. 
  • 29.3.10 Revised for History, got a disease after that. I cant see my mouth when I concentrate on my eyes. And , I can't see my eye when I see my mouth.

APRIL 2010
  • 2.4.10  Carmen, Catherine and Me asked each other what time slept the day before History. Funny answer from Catherine. 
  • 6.4.10 I-CITY
  • 12.4.10 MC-FLURRY
  • 18.4.10 Ms.Ng passed us fold of PHYSICS exercise . Break record. Almost 100++ pages of papers which only include of Form 4 Chapter 2- Force and Motion. To be passed up by the next month of it.
  • 21.4.10 A deeply sadden Day.
  • 28.4.10 甜蜜心烦,愉悦困扰
  • 29.4.10 Drew an ugly picture of a girl cartoon during SEMINAR in hall.
  • 30.4.10  The most AWKWARD DAY that I never had before. I fall into a canal in front of Kheng Fai and Weng Zhen. By the time, we still never knew each other well. Weird man....

MAY 2010

  • 15.5.10 Hamster dead.
  • 26.5.10 Yeow Xin's birthday.

JUNE 2010
  • 12.6.10 Lovely AUNT's birthday. WE bought her something.
  • 17.6.10 Food Hunt. We met up Lara Sim which came from Malacca. 

JULY 2010
  • 8.7.10  LC cube day. L stands for me, represent Ling. C cube represent Carmen, Catherine and Chung Kar Yee. 

  • 9.7.10 L square C cube day.  Lee Merissa was added. 

  • 10.7.10 Self-reflection on myself.

  • 14.7.10 An Ice-cream A day, Keep the moodiness away.

  • 20.7.10    @Sweet Yee's birthday. Celebrated at The Happy Cafe.

                    @ Aunt bought something for US from Japan. 

                    @ Mood were totally down. YOUR HEART CANN'T ACCEPT WITH    WHAT YOUR MOUTH AS SAYING. 

  • 24.7.10 Merissa's birthday. I gave her a Lipstick phone-chain at last.

  • 27.7.10 First time play badminton with Jeat Yinn and Carmen Lim at the stuffy hall besides JUSCO.

  • 31.7.10 Went for KEM-KEPIMPINAN. 

  • 1.8.10 Back from camping. Something made me mad and sad of it. But happier things are more than that. Never regret to participate myself in these activities. @ Started to comprehend with each other, Carmen Lim and Jeat Yinn. =)

  • 7.8.10 Hari Koko. Take part for painting on board. Guess what ? Me, Xue Ren and Carmen Heng got consolation prize as our product formed were not attractive enough

  • 12.8.10 FEARLESS
  • 13.8.10 THE MAXIMUM TEARS DROPPING from myself. The most hurtful day and sadness day
  • 14.8.10 Hatred, anger are dangerous, lose yourself eventually if you can't control it. One of the way is FORGIVING.

  • 20.8.10 Lunch with gangs of friends. Remark from Kar Yee " 喝汤啦! ”

  • 21.8.10 Celebration for Ms.Ng birthday but she need to stay in hospital. 

  • 26.8.10 Pusat Akses. Google search ANG JEAT YINN. found lots of her things. XD

  • 27.8.10 Went to watch Phua Chu Kang with friends.

  • 29.8.10 Fall in love with Shimino.
  • 30.8.10 We drew on Catherine's trial exam timetable. It was colorful. And .... she still keeping with it in her bag smoothly until today. XD

  • 31.8.10 Malacca Street
  • 5.9.10 Feeling ENVY of some friends. 

  • 12.9.10 Italiannes. Bought a watch to May Kei as her birthday present. 

  • 18.9.10 My Birthday. 

  • 21.9.10 @ Catherine falled sick. What ... erm... 蚊症... what what what..   whatever..
                 @ Cam-whored

  • 23.9.10 @ May Kei's Birthday.
                     @ May Kei, Michelle and Me went to SAI GONG in Maluri.

  •  6.10.10  Carmen Lim's Birthday. I gave her a self-made fail.

  • 7.10.10 Michelle Wong's Birthday. I gave her 2 mini pot of nail colour. She painted on her nails in APD after school.

  •  8.10.10  Emo...

  • 12.10.10 PMR was over with Mandarin papers. 

  • 13.10.10 Have a fun in class. The bees ... and Carmen splash water on Catherine. 


  • 16.10.10 Dorae. 

  • 18.10.10 JEAT YINN promise not to EMO anymore.

  • 19.10.10 Ms.Ng left me some messages in my chatbox. T.T

  • 29.10.10 PPS farewell party.

  • 30.10.10 BBQ party for PPS. 

  • 1.11.10 Pan Mee and Longanai with May Kei, Michelle, Sweet Yee, Carmen Heng, Carmen Lim, Jeat Yinn, Weng Zhen, Kheng Fai , Han Qin and Xue Wern. @ Remember my worse contonese "辣椒的板面”. Ring of the sound from them " 板面的辣椒”Aww... awkward.

  • 3.11.10 TESCO with the same gang. XD

  • 11.11.10 @ Xue Ren's Birthday

                  @ Received May Kei SPECIAL message. =) 

  • 12.11.10 Graduation day. @ Curry Mee which invited by May Kei. @ having Diarrhea.

  • 15.11.10 Made Walaoeh Movie.  


Monday, December 6, 2010



Feeling bored and senseless started from this evening.

I wonder why too...

My sister cut my fringe using a big and rusting scissors.

Im fear of she accidentally from shaving my eyelash.

Frame of mind were in downcast.

Totally never have mood to revise Biology.

Asking Carmen Heng for the reason.

Is laughable that asking the reason from her.

She keep typing... " cause... cause .. cause... "

" Your ooestrogen level were finished. "

I stunt a while and ignore that.

" cause.. cause... cause..  You feel very sad because you gonna end your high school life. "

And I replied , " There's no difference whether having high schooll life now, for me, already ended . "

Guess what ?

she speechless after that.  XD

Keep " haih ~ing " in any conversation .

No matter what...

Love Canon.
 Im gonna to learn and play whole song of Canon after SPM.

Recently Love to these SONGS.

Friday, December 3, 2010

..::.. Multi to Less ..::..

Feeling  lot of thought  to be matured.

Should thanks someone who guiding me and be more open-minded.

I salute YOU !

suddenly feel what I act for you and done WERE naive before that.

But I did try to ignore that.

I knew and I try to behave my new maxim.


Perhaps my life could be more happier and easier.

What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?

Few friendships would survive if each one knew what his friend says of him behind his back.   [ Turst Me. XD ]

So.. here's to...

the crap we talk

the guys we stalk

the way we shop

laugh's we can't stop

the gossip we spill

the looks that could kill

we'll stay together

Cause we are Best Friends Forever..

Miss ALL OF YOU .... T.T

=)     XD    CX    ^^    ( =     f2    ^V^ 

My Life. =)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

...::.. Nothing Much ...::..

Time yet passes greatly fast.

2 weeks were gone,

7 papers were down, and still climbing for another 3.

totally never have a proper rest.

done all revision but still can forgot everything in fact.

Praying hard seriously.

feeling like never put much of effort and even try my best on it.

Why ? Did I ?

I was born not to be sensible, wise, smart and

 my brain couldn't work and think as what they can did.

Examination for me seems like a competition with time.

Im racing with time,

And I losed.

Im fear the coming March.  

Those SENSATION came back to me yesterday.

Wonder why my heart keep thudding when lying on the bed during midnight.

And those mind-thinking came back .

Is a weird thinking seriously, but I wonder why too?

Suddenly feeling myself will die and lose myself for the next day.

And.. this is the second time.

And where are my soul ?

Does soul really appear on everyone's spirit ?

Im fear from losing myself seriously.

And yet... Gonna sleep as much as I can for today.

Please do not swing my mood away, please.

I still need to endure for another 2 more days. 

Yes we are and I do like to pass the day with you in serious chatter.

 I wouldn't mind washing up beside you, dusting beside you,

reading the back half of the paper while you read the front. 

We are friends and I would miss you, do miss you and think of you very often. 

 I don't want to lose this happy space.