Wednesday, August 4, 2010

..::.. Appreciate friends from this camp ..::..

Camping is fun fun fun ...
The dorm that we stayed ...
Me , Carmen Lim, Jeat Yinn... ...
   Me and Carmen Heng.
With Carmen Lim.
Me and CHARLIE ... ^v^
Me and FLY ... (JEAT YINN )
 Me and LENG ZHAI ... ( jun wen )
Me and TALL de ... ( chee weng

Mr. Shankar n Me .
A gang of 3 8 po ... CARMEN HENG , CARMEN LIM , and ME
Is sweet yee, ME , and hui jing .

Well well well..

We meet at bus stop about 6.30am.

Happy to meet lots of friends.

 Hui Jing made a pure MAYONIS bread .

Walao.. disgusting till made me wanna vommit.

I cant even bite on the bread ..

The juices from mayonis... 

eeel... GELI .

Im in BUS 3.

same with may kei, carmen lim , jeat yinn, xue wern, doraemon and others.

We ate a lot.

Doraemon , walao eh..

he cant stop eating until the day we back from the camp.

Something happen that made me quite angry, sad and unsatisfied on it.

But I don't feel wanna to make the matter become worse.

And I endure on it.

Until the night, more anger.


thanks for CARMEN LIM and JEAT YINN.

they accompany me whole night 

instead may kei and pearly gonna move to other dorm.
May Kei, please dont blame on yourself.

Im alright. ^^

We keep chatting

and gossiping too... 

haha.. That's a secret between us.


I still remember the first smile from jeat yinn face,

when enter my dorm.

I was so shocked that she is smiling.

Because she never smile before that.

And I not dare to talk with her.

Maybe she finally can have a time with her friends.

Jeat yinn told me her thinking of mind.

And I keep consoling her .

Hope she is getting better. 

Be tough ya !

Thanks to CARMEN LIM too ~ 

thanks for bringing me a lot of joys.

And thanks to listening to my story,

And sharing with your stories too!

I really feel happy when can chat with you guys. 

If not because of 3 of you,

Im gonna be lonely throughout the night.

Thanks Ms. Carmen Heng ..

thanks calling me through phone during the night 

when you know that I need a people besides me.

And YOU  made a surprise to me.

Guess what's was that.?

She came to my dorm and visit me with Catherine.

Both of them wearing the rain coat

and the rain is heavily, the dorm between us damn far away.

Thanks ... 

So touch.

Next, thanks Wong Catherine !

thanks for lending me your ears to hear mine grievances.

You are not only render me some advise, 

but you did comfort my mind.

Thanks ya !

Thanks Sweet Yee..

For being so 3 8 with me.

Still remember the day we keep staring on the sky to see the stars.

And let me reminding,

when we are in DORANI.

Im scared of those things, and you hold my hand 

give me support.

Thanks Sweet Yee.

Thanks May Kei,

You are the one who accompany me during the journey.

I still remember when I lend you my earphone to hear.

And you suddenly sleep.

Im not dare to take it out as you are sleeping soundly.


Thanks for sharing with me about 

your feelings,

your foods, 

your friend's blanket. 

Thanks May Kei

Thanks Jia Xin ...

Thanks for your caring when my nose is bleeding.

I keep asking people around me whether have tissues .

But they did not take it as a happen.

Thanks Carmen, Catherine, Jeat Yinn and YOU, JIA XIN.

Thanks for giving me your caring when we are in the same group.

You are the one caring of me so much.

You told me not to climbing of the rock wall when my nose is bleeding.

You are the one told me where to climb on the rocks when I am losing my way.

And I did really wanna give up at that moment !

Because of you...

your scream " NO, XIN YAN ! CONTINUE !! CONTINUE ! "


thanks JIA XIN ..

i owe you a lot !

Thanks to you guys..

when Im falling down from the climbing wall.

Thanks carmen and jia xin ,

they keep asking me whether I had been injured and wounded .

Thanks A lots !

Thanks Min Hua ..

Thanks for lending me yours " HAIR-OIL "

Thanks Yeow Xin..

Thanks for being besides me.

Thanks Chai Bao too..

I heard from his scream that keep encourage me to continue the climbing.



thanks ya !

Thanks Doraemon

For bringing me lots of 




Thanks Michelle Wong Kitt Yue

when I was back from the night walk,

You are the one saw my damn freaking palely face.

I still remember the expression from your face when saw me..

with your biggest eyes ever.  O.O




Thanks Ling Sze .

who persuade me to be clam down 

 Dont be scared anymore.

Thanks Chee Hao,

thanks for your sweet,

but sorry , i made the sweet drop down.

Thanks Chee Weng ,

for being stand still at the side.

It was so fortunately that you are standing at the side stationary,

If not , I couldn't find you, ARROW ..!

haha ^^

Thanks Merissa

for making me be more admired at you.

Lastly, thanks CHARLIE ..

brought us a lot of fun.

And made some people be mental disorder.


I was so happy and 

didn't feel any regretful from this camp.

Thanks, All my friends.

I knew how to be more appreciate friends from this camp.