Tuesday, September 28, 2010

..::.. Nonetheless ..::..


They just always think that the PERSON 

who is being declined and ignored with others

is always be part of the one who getting MISTAKE.

And.. you know the truth now.

And you just acting like speechless.

Why you just can't speak out even a SORRY to me ?

YOU never support me what I wanna to do and what I had done.

And YOU just listen to the one who complaining.

YOU don't know the whole and complete storyline as well.


Every time is my fault.

YOU just blaming it on me.

The one who making complaint is the perfect all the way.

And the one who is being talked by others is always getting the fault.

Im feeling disappointed thoroughly.



I shouldn't talk with you. Right ?


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

..::.. Ms. W ..::..

Personally to Miss Wong Catherine


We miss YOU a lot..

Never chat, saw and even meet her for 3 days. 

Miss your face and your jokes. 

Anyway, take care. 

Catherine ~~


Monday, September 20, 2010

..::.. A word ..::..

Sometimes, YOU just have to open your mouth and start asking a question in specific,

And there's you may know everything ...

Is everything .... with the matters that you prefer don't want to hear. 

But.. I heard it.

And.. sometimes, is better don't care for someone too over.

You just thought that the SOMEONE do everything for YOU.

BUT .. actually, HE/SHE is not ! 

I had stop being so silly and so stupid.

Just don't care what you wanna do.

Is better to devote my minds in my studies. 


Saturday, September 18, 2010

...::.. 18/9/10 ...::..

Yeah... is my 17th birthday.

Finally reached it.

Thanks for my friends who message me during 0000 .

Thank YOU all. 

Went to tuition at 8am,

Said already my eyes could be GOLD FISH every Saturday.

And... this morning, 

Michelle asked for my eyes again. 

" Xin Yan, what happen to your eyes? "

I saw a big present which wrapped with a brownish paper plastic. 

And I knew is mine. 

Straightly went through there and said " I take aaa... "

Everyone was laughing at me. 

I knew that I was too "perasaan ".

Is this. 

Thanks, Merissa, Kok Kuan and Kar Yee. 

They went to my house after tuition. 

Xin Yan, Carmen Heng and Lim, Jeat Yinn, Merissa, Kit Teng, Sweet Yee, Catherine , 
Hui Jing. 

And my dad packed a superb combo combo combo set + extra extra wedges.


They went my study room and started to play computer.

I wonder they came here to visit my house or celebrate with me huh?

Forced them to have their lunch downstairs .

The Miss.Catherine ... keep facing in front of facebook.

She addicted with her game. 

HER childish game.

Is sweet yee.

And i washed for all the plates and cups. 

Thanks Carmen Heng for helping me to place back all the cups.

Thanks Catherine for helping me to washed the cups without using any detergents.

Thanks Carmen Lim for helping me to clean the table.


THEY blocked me and Carmen Heng when we were in kitchen. 

Oh my...

Sorry Carmen, accidentally blocked you.


And she barked with the dog behind my house because nothing to do.

And she even on the stove , MAN ....

Merissa went back after then. 

3pm something. 

Im glad that you came my house today. 


I opened the door outside for her. 

And at the same time I wanna went back ,

they locked me outside.

The hot whether made me feel uncomfortable. 

They keep finding the matches...

But they cant find, and Catherine used stove.

Smart Gal. 

They wanna used stone to produce fire at first.


Finally, i really get SHOCKED from them . 

They started to sing Birthday song with cake for me. 

Thanks, DUDES.

Called Jia Xin and she came after that.

Thanks , Jia Xin.

YOU let us enjoyed fully.

We even played hide and seek. 


End of this day.

Thanks all my friends.

Thanks for coming and thanks everything you guys did for ME.

Get touched with IT.




Friday, September 17, 2010

..::.. 1,2,3,4 ..::..

give me more loving than I've ever had.

make it all better when i'm feeling sad. 

tell me that i'm special even when I know i'm not.


make me feel good when I hurt so bad. 

barely getting mad,

I'm so glad I found you.

I love being around you. 

you make it easy, 

as easy as 1 2 3 4.

there's only 1 thing 2 do three words for you.

I love you.

theres only 1 way 2 say those 3 words 

and that's what i'll do.

I love you.

give me more loving from the very start.

piece me back together when I fall apart. 

tell me things you never even tell your closest friends. 

make me feel good when I hurt so bad. 

best that I've had. 

I'm so glad that I found you.

I love being around you. 

you make it easy as easy as 1 2 3 4.
there's only 1 thing 2 do 3 words 4 you.

I love you.

there's only 1 way 2 say those 3 words 

and that's what i'll do.

I love you.

I love you 

I love you. 

one two three four I love you.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

...::.. Is Hachiko ...::..

Hachiko : A true Dog's story  trailer. 

Gonna watch this movie. 

* applause *


..::.. 14/9/10 ..::..

Well, today induced to happy. 

Had a badminton match with FRIENDS.

Me, Sweet Yee, Carmenssss, Jeat Yinn,Kar Yee, Ling Sze and Hui Jing.

Thanks Ling Sze who helped us to pay and book for us.

Sorry, Ling Sze, will pay back to you.

Snap Shot.

It was miracle. 

That Sweet and Me had won Carmens.

Woah... i was in amused.

Ahahahahaha... XD 

Before we went back.

I was in surprised that i received a present from the TWO KIDS.

@ Carmen Lim & Jeat Yinn

Thanks ya!

love it so much.

Already wrapped it again, and will reopen on this Saturday.

Haha. ^v^

They did discussed with me that whether this Saturday can come to my house.

And I started to think.

Any games in my house?

Hamster, i said.

Carmen Heng replied, " Can.. can also, we play until it die. "

Oh my ...

But then, 

you guys wanna Sing- K ? 

but without Karaoke-room , 

stick in with two mikes only. 





Sunday, September 12, 2010

...::.. Recommend MV ..::..

Love this MV.


[ Expired Rubbish ]

Lyrics are meaningful.

Aren't ?


..::.. 12.9.10..::..

Have a nice day.

Hang out with sisters and Ks.

Thanks Ks for being the driver, and thanks for being the stand treat for our lunch.

Out at 10.45am.

After SHE met her friends,

then only we go and buy tickets in GSC.

Guess what we watched ?

the Singapore's movie.


 We choose this as it suits the timing.

the movie is OKAY but funny actually.

Gonna watch STEP- UP 3 IN 3D next time.

Perhaps... ??

I watched a kinda briefly short range about the movie that I wanna to recommend.

The title was Hachiko's : A TRUE DOG'S STORY .

Is a touching movie , i think.

Guarantee Ms.Ng will like it.

Because the dog was so loyal like her BABY.


Bought someone a watch as HER's birthday is coming. = )
( mine before YOU la. )  XD

did she like it ?
Light. Sorry for the blur.

After finish watching,

had a lunch at Italiannies,


The breads.

The sauce.

Their's .

Is mine. Mocha.
Frenzy Pizza.
Never ate much.

they walked their way,

and I rove around.

Went MPH,

took NEXUS CHEMISTRY and started to read.

Is not bad actually,

a peace and wonderful place to read.

with a cup of cappuccino.

YOU don't need to bring any books,

search any books you want at there and started to read.

AND... is FREE.

Hahaxxx . =)

Went around after i feel bored of it.

And meet my sister.

Woah... i were pleasantly surprised by what they had bought me.

root beer and a tin of STICKY sweets

for my earlier birthday presents.

as SHE was not here for the next coming Saturday.


Thanks Ks who busying fetching us here and there.

And spending your time and of cause your $$ .

Snap Shot.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

...::.. Nothing much ...::..

I baked cakes and even bread.

Chocolate cupcakes.
Cheese BREADS . 

Had MY lunch at SUSHI KING.

1 week after this.

And... i need to apologize something.
Sorry for being nothing to YOU.
I really don't know how answering you. 
Am I went badly ?
sorry, I AM.


...:::.. 9. 9. 10 ...:::..


Had a breakfast with Miss. Catherine.

Hmph... said meet at 9am before the day,

then 9.30am , and finally 10am .

We met at the greenie MAMAK stall in Maluri.

the foods came to us at 10.30am.

I ordered for a plate of MEE GORENG and a cup of tea.

And she... a tea and a plate of ROTI CANAI with CURRY IKAN.

WOAH... not bad.

but the fried noodles were too spicy for me.

I can't finished it . : )

is a GOOD NEWS actually.

Meet my cousin and friends over there.

After tuition ,

me, catherine and michelle stay in centre to study,

Before started to study,

we have our lunch at XAI GONG in Maluri.

Never tried before. taste not bad actually.

Here's the picture . = >

Is HER .  : )

Is HER too... : ) nice picture.

Is SHE . 

Is ME . too dark weyy :<


Michelle's . 

Don't get shocked .

Catherine is always like that.

She finish her drinks before the foods came.


she always finished her soup then only started to eat her noodles.

And that's why, her noodles never have soup before !

Michelle's rice were so round. 

BEAN CURD. Love this.

Curry . Not bad. ^^

Vege. Her favourite.

We did packed JAWA MEE for Ms.ng because..

she loves to eat that. 


We done our revision so funny.

I teach them Chemistry Chapter 4 although i didn't have any seniority .

And.. Catherine teach us Physics , FORCE .

how funny she is.