Tuesday, April 10, 2012

..::.. 2 8 9 ..::..

End of Sem 3.
Great, One year passed, am entering Year 2 for Diploma courses this coming May. 
I promised to look forward on every year, every month, 
every week, every hours, every minutes and seconds as well.
Hopefully lah :X
load of things happen within that long duration. 
yup, it's over. its actually over between us. 


Girls like to shop even thou window shopping. 
Isn't bout spending money all the way, but it's actually a behavior .
Feel so great when bought something that I wanted or just so surprising when you got something else unexpectedly.
hee .

well , there's no more part time job for me starting from next sem.
Felt so sorry to all my beloved students, but maybe this is the best choice neither.
But somehow, i might getting over too stress starting from next sem at the same time spm just around the corner. So , work hard yea !
I love you guys a lot.