Monday, March 21, 2011

2 7 7 th

Yea, there's another two more days where I really never put any hope on that bloody day.
And yet, the feeling is just like what Carmen said to me, 
" feeling like butterfly is flying in the stomach . "
Oh my....

Well, today was my third teaching lesson at M&S Learning Center. 
Everything goes smoothly so far. 
And yeah, I learnt something.
Teaching is different from studying.
Teaching will let everything goes into your mind, 
I should done that before SPM. 

And tomorrow, Im gonna drive alone and fetch my friends here and there.
No raining , please. 

Damn, I did something wrong. 
I locked the main gate of the center, 
Ms.Ng called me but I failed to answer her phone.
Feeling so guilty, please phone back me, please...

Gossip again after the classes. 
We chat lot of things, bout the way you argue with your friends, any friends. 
And now I only realize, I never have a wrangle or quarrel with Wong Catherine. 

Something made me annoying ! 
SOMEONE deleted my thousand of messages. 


Facebook is where you lie to your friends. Twitter is where you're honest with complete strangers.
This is so true.