Wednesday, January 20, 2010

..::.. 21/1 ..::..

bio paper was finally gone ~
im so relaxing and damn refreshed ...
and so excited for the coming CNY ...
2day was fun ~
after school,
carmen said that catherine looks like a ball when she is sleeping...
Oh my ...
everyone whoever heard it, they will smile ..
i dont think smile only, but laugh ~
because this statement was so funny !
ahahahaah ^^
Woohoo ...

after had my bath ..
i watched my cartoon movie ..
haha ^^
entitled OUR HOUSE ...
i know is childish but ... nice movie ..

gonna plan to watch the CNY movie ..
if the plan are dawdle ,
im gonna to watch wif my sista ~

same words ..

Friday, January 15, 2010


and finally,
i hv already done all physics and chemistry homeworks...
i thought i will burn the midnight oil ~
but .. so late ...

few days ago,
i just realized that my QUARTZ wrist watch already loss the word " R "
and the alphabet R flit to the the top of the surface ..
haih... everyone came and shake my watch..
and i really dunno who is the murderer ...

someone said me became more 3 8 after friend with CARMEN ...
LOLX .. hahahahahahahaah

really love my friends ...
makes a lot of fun for my life ..
( copy from CAT )

today during moral lessons,
i thought i never bring my moral exercises because i saw cat is copying to GAPEN..
(because cat said she never bring too ! )
and i started to find all over my bags..
i never saw it ~
and i quickly borrow a new GAPEN and faster copy it ...
a while,
i turn over my bag again,
i juz realize that mine moral exercise was not in GAPEN but in CATATAN..
i brought it ~
aaaa... how nervous am i ...
and a few minutes later,
CAT take her note book out from her bag,
it was her moral exercise ...
damn, in fact we have bring it to school..
how silly we are ...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

..::.. 12/1 ..::..

Ok, nxt week gonna exam for F4 works..
but i never touch the F4 buks..
F5 is better, OK ??

not feeling like to read at all,
keep asking zi ying, jia xin , kar yee, carmen and cat chat with me ~
keep laughing just because of them ~

In fact of cat nvr done the school works and prepare for her LISAN,
kar yee said shes so admire her and seal cat as her IDOL ..
haha ^^
during physics time ,
we keep chatting about who will going to marry first ~
tats so silly..
and time passes so fast,
nxt year wont see any school life anymore ~
FRIENDS, appreciate it ..

today, cat gave us hers bear key chain which she bought from singapore ~
everyone get different colour, i gt PINK+PURPLE ...
tats purple , OK ??
cat gt yellow, car gt blue, sweet white, michelle green i think, zi ying orange...
d others de 4gt lerh ~
stay back after school for doing school work..
because i may sleep during afternoon in house ~
having my lunch with michelle, sweet yee, kah yan and cai ling..
the two girls really BUZZ ...
keep talking and keep talking ...
=_=''' cant enduring with them ~
and finally, I really done all the school work ..
that is efficacious ~

5A may hv our T-SHIRT ..
our face will be created in the cartoon face and will noted on the shirts ..
thats creative, but the colour is just black and white...
PROM night on DECEMBER ...
someone says only for 5a, b and c...
and someone says for all form 5 students.


Friday, January 8, 2010

..::.. updated ..::..

quite a long time never update the bloggy~
the school started about a week,
the school and tuition work already hold down me~
i really cant endure with this kind of life~
exam may be on after two weeks..
stupid ~
damn damn damn damn damn !!!

actually, a lot of mine frame of mind wanna to express it out~
but... lack of time..

during the school time,
my eyes suddenly blur~
In reality, my con. shift to another place~
but i thought it was shed off ~
i keep finding all over the classroom,
but i cant found it,
JIA XIN, ZI YING, YEOW XIN and CAT keep helping me to find it..
but we never found it ~
and finally,
something make me feel uncomfortable in my eyes,
my con. was inside my eyes ~
THEY keep laughing at me ~

the mandarin class was canceled ,
me, michelle, sweet yee, cat, and jasmine pearl, went to KOK HING and have our lunch~
me and michelle ate till very very very full...
and i full till feeling like to hiccup,
my stomach keep twisting...
finally, when i was in home,
hiccuping continuously about 4 times ...
disgusting ~~
remember something,
the people who like to make the theater to become "frosty "
walao ... she really pro..
her " laughing stock" really can made us silent for a few seconds,
and her ability to express sth really very low..
we keep asking each other what does she mentioning ..
haha ^v^

tat's all for today ~
gud luck @

Monday, January 4, 2010

..::.. temperament ..::..

this is wat disposition of 5A's students hv ~
all keep rushing, snatching, and grabbing the books~
after getting the buks for the second time,
v still hv to return to the OWNER ~
arrogant !!