Wednesday, December 22, 2010

...::.. Life from Now onwards...::...

Hey babae , Im here again . =)

Sorry for using babae, this will be my next favourite quote.

Kinda short post here.

My life sucks from now onwards.

Thinking what should I do for the next day all the way.

Is senseless... The time was damn spacious for me.

Im proud to say that I had finished my CANON.

but still not in a perfect condition.

Bought Liese today finally, and is Sweet Pink .

Is not really pink .... Sorry for pink dislikers .

Expected what colour will formed on my hair.

Suddenly feel that my future was disrupt .

Flate of darkness front of me.

Couldn't choose and analyse properly.

No one was advised me.

I miss HER, HIM and THEM.

I really miss all of them !

I just couldn't forget all of those memoriessssss ...

Lifeless without Friends.

No one was supporting besides me.

No one was chatting with me.

No one was making me laugh and even smile from my deeply heart.

No one was scolding me not to think too much as they will comfort me once a week.

No one was sharing their stories with me.

No one was willing to share my burden away.

Yea... there's no one besides from FRIENDS.

Wanna call and even SMS them ,

but Im fear from disturbing them.

As one of them gonna start her study on January,

One of them gonna leave us for National Service on January.

One of them gonna work from now.

One of them still travelling around.

One of them still planning of her tertiary studies.

Sigh with emotion...

Sigh with feeling...

Sigh for elapse of the TIME. 

No more circle in my life ? 

Good luck for all PMR candidates . 

Wish you all the best. 

And please have a SMILE on your face no matter it is good or bad.

There's no use looking back of wondering. 

Look forward, Baebe.