Monday, March 30, 2009

* ..::..::.. N0 m00d = B@d m00d ..::..::.. *

This morning, actually ady promise go to XXX 's house to discuss the schoolwork.
Unluckily, no time is suitable for me...
therefore, i straight away went for tuition about 1.00-2.30..
at there, i dunno y my mood suddenly so down !
they smile, but i din smile..
they laugh, but i din laugh...
coz i totally feel tat a spot was not funny...
they say me when i was study~ING, very earnest , very serious,! haha ^0^
but i dun think so...
actually , i'm very talkactive !!!
i will play to the very insane that one kind... lol...
all my fren will coordinate with me...
haha ^^
but, tis r only the memory...

haih ~~

Sunday, March 29, 2009

*+-*/_>>> HaizZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZ <<< *-*+/

Haiz, 2day XXX sms me again...
i dunno wat i should reply her...
d first time XXX sms me, i feel quite excited but ....
lastly in skul din tuk any word aso !!!
i knw u r passive... me too.. !!!
Even if I'm the 1 who opens the mouth, but I feared very much, feared you and previous time go against me equally!
therefore, I henceforth not dare to speak with you !
however, u sms me many times,
i reply on time to time...
but tis time,
i did nt knw wat should i reply to u !
haiz !!!
sry !!! i really do not know wat 2 do !

.:.:~_= E@rTh HoUR .::. ~

Yesterday was the day of EARTH HOUR ...
328.. hahaha ^^
yup, i did it,
i close all my light but still keep on9~ing , haha
cant live without technology....

lol *_*

Friday, March 27, 2009


In I am tired, Lucky in my life
you look like in the dream equally walks to me is sad, my lucky in my dream
you use warm to contain me

At any time like this is laughing at me,
even if most tired time ,I wants to let you in no way in the world see my tear
even if you did not know that my heart recalls your smile
in the distant place is also one kind of misfortune

Wants to cry in time impression you more graceful,
if in the worried dreamland is likely same,
you closely are hugging me

You walk gradually to me

(�) (�). Lucky...

在我累的时候得 Lucky in my life 
伤心的时候,我 lucky in my dream

我 即使在世上最累的时候 我都决不想

想哭的时候 lucky in my love
如果气闷的话 lucky in my world


i love tis songs....

i love tis song so much...
feel like want to cry...
tis song call LUCKY.. and it's sings by a korean singer...
i knw tis song from a KOREAN movie called > BOYS OVER FLOWERS...

am i thinking too much??

2day last period was Biology, haiz...
i gt 70 marks only... haih =_=
after tat, teacher gv us 2 copy note...
i hate his teaching method...
damn it !!! hyper hate !
it's crazy! where had such teacher..
he actually didn't teaching at all,
turns another page all at sudden !
people haven copy finish, he didn't care it sommore!
Bcoz of tat, XXX ask me 2 lend her my note, ( luckily i can copy all de note),
ok, den i juz gv her ..
she say she will gv me bek after the meeting... ( I trust her)
After the meeting, i only then run into her..
she is relaxing , i go n ask her where is my note...
she say she had forgetten 2 return to me, n she ask me " SO, ?? HOW? OR I RETURN YOU ON TUESDAY? "
wat????? she ask me like tat??
Isn't she should return my buk immediately???
wat type of disposition is her???
ok, nvm, i enduring you !!!!
i sacrify my time go back with YOU to take back my note...
hw come , u walk slowly like a tortoise, i think nt tortoise, slower den it, is snail, i think...
hey , since i c ur personality is like tat,
i really angry with you !
Isn't it you should gv me bek my buk immediately? but u walk so slow with ur fren...
you did'n t c i'm chasing with time?
After walked several steps, did u all knw wat she turn bek 2 me n say??
she say " Ooyah, i need to return ur buk oo... !!!"
oh my god...
wat is in her mind?
keep relaxing... ???
i followed her until reach the library...
i gt my buk,
she didn't say once " sorry" or "thx" to me ...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh shit, hw come she is actually lyk tis????

~ really angry....

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Damn result.... =_= T_T

damn it, juz like wan to cry out...
i cant expect tat my result can be so rotten, BULL SHIT !!!
wat i can say? my position in class... definitely to last..
if i'm nt the last 1, i could invites the human all over the world has the western-style food to be possible, arrrhhhhhh....
i gt the physics result 2day, i thought i will failed it,
but, thx God, i did not... lol... but the result actually damn low... haha

~still thinking should i going tis Sat..? confuse~ing !!!!
Arrhhh @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@