Thursday, February 17, 2011

②⑦⑥ th

First of all, 
I passed my driving test. =)
Hopefully will get it tomorrow. 
Thanks to all who wished me, appreciate a lot. 

I  ❤ today. =)
Hang out with Jia Xin, Carmen and Catherine.
That's not a waste feeling excited for it. 
Everything went well.
Thanks all. 
Went for bowling and had a movie.
" Who Know's Woman? "

Guess who is she ???
Ms. Wong Catherine. XD

I miss this.  :(

Jia Xin. 

Xin Yan.

The Balls.

Merissa was scolding Catherine .

Her uniform.

Four of us.

Glad that we were in Catherine's frame.

Cat's bed.

Lazy bumps.


Cat threw her BIOLOGY BOOKS into dustbin .

Thanks, MERISSA.
LOVE it . XD 

Next will be a short post entitled The Person who I admire. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

②⑦⑤ th.

My CNY .
Kay, there's no difference for this year.

Done my third driving lesson today.
Everything induced to fine.
I met Wen Ting there. =)
Failed to recognize her at first
 I thought the girl was Malay .  =X
And once I turned my head at her when she was parking her car,
she smiled at me.
Owhh, Is HER .

Raymond called me this afternoon,
asked me whether free this Friday .
Gotta " Lau Shang " with them. =)

Chat with Carmen yesterday.
She asked me once again,
which coarse am I taking.
And I stunt suddenly,
Feeling like not interested in studying now.
Prefer working than it.
How a? Am so confusing !  
Maybe never study quite a long time,
 and thus senseless to it. 

And yet...
How if 2 of them really heading to their NS in May at the same time ?
No one gonna lend me their's ears to listen my problems.

How many times do we forgive someone just because we don't want to lose them,
even though they don't deserve our forgiven.

Monday, February 7, 2011

...::.. First - ty ..::..

Teehee ,

Completed the task of the week before Chinese New Year 2011 .
Did it and feeling quite fun actually for my first part-time job.
Met new friends from my booth and of cause from non co-workers too. =)
and is named as 金爷爷 in Mandarin.
And yea, I get bored from the beginning of the days .
The most of the reason was
not yet familiar with the surrounding and know each other well.
But lastly, we got it.
Im just loved to the job and my friends over there. =)
We cared for each other , and 1 word to described.
We are UNITED.
Im glad that I have FRIENDS like them .
Merissa & Kok Kuan.
They find me when having their breaktime thou never bought the biscuits from me.
But is Okay. Heee.
And yea, thanks for Meri that asking me whether wanna to replace her job at IN Q-
Thanks Kok Kuan for fetching me to MsNg center last week.
Thanks Catherine , for AT LEAST called me when she passed by the event hall as she
is known as a busy woman.

Xin Yu =)  A girl with perfect skill.

Me and Raymond.
@ He made us laugh all the time.

Me and Qing Tao.
@ Handsome guy as you can see.
@ Funny jokers and he is quite 8 actually.

Ah Niang and Qing Tao.
@ Cashier
@  look alike Lam Fong

Hamper. =)
CAN U C ???


Serving customers.

Alan with us.
@ Boss
Feeling that this was only the beginning stepped into the social,
and contact with differenct levels of the people around.
Guess what ?
I just LOVEEE the pair of the parents,
They purposely came to find me and my sista the next two days as they promised.
They were so funny , and can be make fun with.
They planned to buy the only 1 jar from my stall at first,
but I kept " pushing "  them to buy 4 jars which mean 1 set.
And finally, THEY bought 2 sets from me.
And ahahaha, they bought another set of handmade cookies from me again the next
two days.
I LOVE the pair of the parents.
We seems like friend than a relationship between a sales and customers,
How cool that we chat for 30minutes ... XD

Something suprising..
was selected as an extra performer in TV3 due to the celebration of Chinese New
How lucky is HIM.
He received RM 50 from the administartor from TV3 ,
Awww... : )
And yet, He belanja us . XD So kind.

Me and Ah Niang.


I learnt something,
The community has different of personalities, some even with a mask .