Wednesday, February 10, 2010

..::.. 10/2 ..::..

Im finally audacious ~
brought cellphone to school~ (today)

Today SuX...
feeling not well actually,
keep coughing whole day,
have a stuffy nose,
after the school,
stay in school for PBSM courses,
gastric pain ..
boldly cold sweat ...

i wanna say a lot of thanks to you ! ~
Unlimited thank !
Shes really a super nice and caring FRIENDS ...
Our friendship will be deep seated ~
Thanks for your sweet !
thanks ...
it really helps me a lot !!!!
THANK YOU !!! ^^

my face actually fulled with the sweat ..
very very very pain !
canceling to enroll tuition on 3.30om,
sister going to fetch me on 3pm but shes still never appear,
keep calling her to fetch me back now but shes still shopping at 1U ..
damn ~

my friends advice me not to have MILK everyday
because it is harmful ..
i cant get the idea actually,
Why will it harmful to us ?

My mum called me not to have tuition tomorrow ~
^v^ ...
because traffic congestion will be on everywhere for CNY ~
lolX .~

Damn moody during the time in school ~


Sunday, February 7, 2010

..::.. 7/2 ..::..

The last weekend before Chinese New Year,
so sad for didn't went to shop today~
because gonna back to hometown and sort out all of the furniture,
made me so tired ~
my sisters and me went to watch AVATAR ,
they said that was a nice movie,
but I slept on the half part of the movie ..
lolX ...

Yen Ping suddenly SMS me to bring some "ang-pau" and tiger picture if have,
because Pn. Hamidah wanna to decorate library ..
yeah ^^
that's good..

Im missing him ~ =.=

Saturday, February 6, 2010

..::.. Blog Updated ..::..

Bloggy finally updated ..
and with a new skin ^^
i done it toilsome ~
so hardly..
keep deliberate on it..
oOyah, im not going to use anymore short form words in bloggy.
to practice mine spelling . >.<'''

Today actually was a school day,
but im so lazy to wake up so early,
=_=''' please forgive me ..

Done everything except for English essays,
Im thinking a lot of things..
but i know,
I have to stop thinking about it !

Chinese New Year is coming,
but i expect that don't reach so bloody..
because the time during the days may suddenly lost ...
sadden, and have to work hard for examination ~
So Sad ...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

..::.. 30/1 ..::..

Went to 1u wif frenz..
but something made me quite unsatisfied with it !!!
but, FINE ..
is better to make the matter dissapear~

i have to swear ...
i SWEAR ... not to imagine anything about you ~
not to pass by u intentionally ~
ARGH ~~~

i cut hair ...
sux fringe..