Wednesday, March 31, 2010

..::.. 31/3 ..::..

last day for MARCH ..
entering new month,
and NOVEMBER is blooding approaching me~

Today add maths ,
wanna tears out !
sucks !
The more i continued to do the questions,
The more i dont know how to do it !
Im just wanna give up but i know i cant..
And i keep starring on my watch ,
made me so NERVOUS !
especially ADD MATHS 2 ... sucks ..

During tuition time,
two girls in front of me reading Chemistry ,
their school may from Manjalara , i think...
wanna ask them what's going out on the paper but ...
im not DARE ..
Lolxxx ...

Sweet Yee so nice !
Shes Sms me on the tips for BIO 3 ...
Recently only few of this kind of people jor ~

harzzzz ...
tomorrow gotta keep reading on history ...

ADD OIL , everyone ~ ^^

Monday, March 29, 2010

..::.. Arx ..::..

Ooyeah ! 
Bio paper was finally gone ...
but then still have Biology Paper 3 ,
argh !!! dunno where should i read from ...!!!

Yesterday, 29/3 .
i losing my times ...
morning read till evening !
But just simply have a look on those chapter,
Gonna lean on the TIPS that given by my friends.
But then, i have no time to read on them already!
damn ! i hate this kind of life !
exam is made my life tortured !
pimples growing on my face...
Heavy rain yesterday,
i sit at balcony and the same time reading,
I felt my pressure !
They are Holding me Down  ...
And i think back mine result,
not satisfied actually,
Anger and Sadden keep "seethe" in my heart ..
My tears keep revolving in my eye socket ..
But i never let it drops ...
Finally knew what is the meaning of PRESSURE ..
and why some people will prefer to commit suicide ..
arhxxx !!!

Damn ... i wonder what is the disease actually.
This is the second time that i got the symptoms,
I went to the mirror and looks at my eyes ,
I cant saw my mouth , and as the moment i move to my mouth,
I cant saw my eyes ...
SUCKS  diseases !

Friday's History ...
its coming soon !
damn ! i never touch even a page for history ...
sucks !!!! 
any tips ? 

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I dreamed Mr.Kumar today ...
I scolded him ,
because he humiliates PPS ...
sweat ... =_='''
maybe because of them keep talking about his bad things... >.<
lolx ...

...::.. SADNESS ..::..

feeling moody this morning,
starting to feel hatred to those people scream me to wake up!

This morning,
sister met with him on 7.30am.
she wake me up on 7am and told me to help her lock the door !
i feel hard to continue my sleep !!!

I called her to buy me A small tub of ice-cream,
I need it to cure my moodiness .
She bought me the Oreo flavor ,
tastes OK only ,
MC FLURRY one better ...

..::.. Nevertheless..::..

I hate it ~
Hate Saturday ,
stayed at home after tuition ,
keep facing the stupid , sucks SUCCESS BIOLOGY ...
keep reading,
but still on the same page !
cant finish a chapter ...
gonna give up with it !
Let it failed is better !

Friday, March 26, 2010

..::.. Ever Thinking ..::..

Today gone school although no exam,
teacher going to teach BIO.
Sharing my feeling here actually,
something happen,
but i dont know whether the matter should induce to happy or sad.
He threat me warmth today,
but tomorrow ?
The Day after tomorrow ?

Stomach-ache today..

..::.. 20/3 ..::..

Yeah .
Today having BBQ event with a gang of us~
brought a box of REVIVE ,
Pearly be the planner~
Stay in teacher house whole day actually,
said wanna do revision,
but cant achieve... ^^
can you imagine will a gang of playful teenagers starting to do their revision ?
sweat ... =_='''
We went to LONG KEI twice,
playing KAM MIN TOI .
We just silly , bored and senseless ~
They finally came on 6pm
started breaking out the fire ,
Cat is just superwoman,
Hui Jing not bad aso actually,
but ... still ok lah..
Sweet burnt hers shoe..
made a lot of FUN .
I just remembered the things that I did so embarrassed !
I was FULLY and drank a tin of REVIVE .
I cant endure myself, 
and i finally BURP out...
( No need to care for my image cause i really no images in front of them )
Michelle and Hui Jing quickly RUN away from me...
oh gosh, i forget that michelle was feeling disgusting with these thinggy ,
But i did it in front of her ... =_='''
SORRY ya...
 heh ^^
I saw the moon disappear, 
and i ask them , " Where Is The Moon ? "
Pearly answered , " Moon Also Have Been Frighten with You Already La ... "
YOU never saw her action,
shes holding the BBQ sting and pointing to the sky ..
aaa ... FUNNY ...
SO FUN ... ^^

Friday, March 12, 2010

..::.. 12/3 ..::..

Yesterday, 11/3 ,
sucks day...
gastric pain again ..
ate 2 bowls of the noodles after mandarin class,
Thanks Carmen who so willing to company me ^^

Thanks Kar Yan and Yeow Xin ... 
thanks for urs concern ^^

After home,
i wonder is my gastric pain till no feeling or what...
loosing the appetite to eat ~
but i force myself to eat because later gonna enroll tuition~
the foods , 
arrgh , hard to swallow ~

And today,
after taking the nap,
woke up and gone out to have dinner.
The things that i ate is tasteless...
and the foods , 
i couldn't feel myself that i was biting..
im just swallowing?
after eating ,
cant endure with the pain ,
my stomach keep churning ,
the food is almost fit at my throat,
wanna vomit out but i cant,
my stomach is ache ...
keep perspiring with the cold sweat ... =_='''
argh ...

Im posses Gastric disease ...
So, my friends ...
Please treat me as well  ... ^^

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

..::.. 9/3 ..::..

oh No ~
why i have such "CUTE" teacher ?? =_='''
she sent us a mail yesterday,

Dear my lovely , cute , disobedient , talkative , hyperactive student.
There wil be class replacement in this coming school holiday.
15th March - 930am to 1230pm ( Physic + Chemistry )
16th March - 9am to 1030am ( Biology ) , 1030am - 1
230 pm ( ADDMath) , 1230pm - 230pm (Art Science)
17th March - 9am to 1230pm ( Add Math + Chemistry )
18th March - 9 am to 1030am ( Physic ), 1030am to 12pm ( Biology )
20th March - 9am to 1030am ( Physic )
Time r not subjected to change since u all asked me to draft it! Thx for ur cooperating. Pls help to inform other students if i miss them. Ensure that every one know abt that.
Pretty Ng~~~~~

we are very obedient what ~
and ...
i never saw people so perasaan before ~
" Pretty Ng " ...
haaahaa ^v^

never went to school ,
cause i doesn't know who did go ,
but i knew a lot who never go ~
yesterday morning,
i ask CAT whether wanna attend to school today,
she reply in a funny answer,
she said,
if she could awake, then she will go ...
merissa answered then,
" got human will not continue sleep if already awake de meh ? "
dada , I agree ...
haha ^^
nice reply meri ~

And so on,
we keep discussing until night ,
we decide not to go lerh ~

senseless during whole day...
im bored ..
i wanna study but i cant,
never touch the book already feel sleepy ,
after then,
getting some idea to done some creative jobs,
making a 3D with seven-flowers in a paper ... haha ^^
heres the picture ...


tomorrow decided going to school lerh ^^

Saturday, March 6, 2010

..::.. 7/3 ..::..

Just now saw someone's bloggy ,
and i agree the statement that she shown ..

damn ,
i hate the girl,
i wonder why she likes to act ..
eeeeel , disgusting ! nauseating !
she think everyone like her so much?
she think she is the perfect ones ?
never show hers respect to seniors ...
damn !
whyyyyy ...
Why have such people in this world ...
SUX ...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

..::.. 5/11 ..::..

Yesterday something happen ,
made me moody and EMO during whole night !
lose the feelings to do my homework ...
argh ~~
im keep praying for GOD ,
i hope everything will be fine to him ~
Today morning,
having the same mood actually
because i thought back the thingggy ...
really consider to forget about it ,
but i CANT ~
what i can done was just praying ?
i think ...
No school today for 5A and 5B,
the cases of H1N1,
nothing to be happy actually,
cause i prefer to have schooling to cure my moody ,
thanks to KAR YEE 's mama for bringing us to Hospital Jinjang
to have a blood test,
But but but but,
after we have register the form,
a call from UNKNOWN said ,
no need to check if you didn't have the symptoms .
Oh Dear ..
the nurses over there said so,
we waste our time and hers petrol ~
walked back to school earlier to do all the chemistry thinggy ,
we state that we must enroll the tuition today explicitly !
because we were at the back ...
someone told me that tuition for today canceled ,
DAMN ...
of cause 3 of us really angry ...
every times we have to coordinate with them,
but no one who is willing to cooperate with us !!!
today i saw both of them,
but doesn't know their nameee actually,
i didnt have the chance to ask ~
the time i walked back again to school,
SOMEONE scream " PPS!! "
i turned back and see,
oO... the cute guy...
haha, he's actually cute..
his PJ attire wrote a lot of things..
and i had camera on it !!
XaXa ...

Perhaps PPS will win this year,
Merah group same so ... ^^
gud luck ~

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

..::.. ThingZzZ ..::..

Today morning,
arrgh... so embarrassed ~
staying back after the assembly for taking the attendance...
damn ~
someone call me to stand in front,
i just saw a figure viewed from behind to a girl,
and i thought that was PEARLY ,
i never think thrice and move forward to have a beat on her~
at the same time im beating her, my head was turn to another direction~
after 2 or 3 seconds i think..
i heard OUCH from her~
i turn back my head and saw something !
That was not PEARLY ..
that's a stranger actually ...
we never know each other also ..
Only at this moment,
I only realised that i have been bitten wrong people ~
KAR YEE stand behind her and keep laughing !
Ans so she told me, That's why she wonder I was beating her ~
damn awkward man ~
And i quickly say SORRY ...
oO Oo ...
im clumsy ~
The bad things were...
Everyone knowing this matter~
arrrghhhhh !!!!

The time when duty ...
We finally knew the girl ~
She called Ah Mian ..
We talks a lotzzz..
Catherine, Kar Yee , Sweet Yee and Me keep zat~ing each other in front of her~
haha ^^
so fun ~
and i remember a joke from Catherine ~
We saw 3 eagle in the sky~..
and cat say why the eagle wanna to fly so slow ....
KAR YEE immediately answer , Eagles eat Cat , They are finding YOU , CATHERINE ..
hahahahaha ^v^
so funny

Something happen when we were duty ~
but not liking to mention it again ...