Wednesday, December 8, 2010

..::.. List of 2010 ..::..

  • 8.1.10 Contact lens shift from my eye and It is still finally found in my socket. Whole gang of friends laugh at it.
  • 12.1.10 Catherine bought us each Bear key-chain. Everyone got the different colour and I got pink+purple.
  • 15.1.10 Silly Moral Period. We fear of Pn.Thillai, Catherine and me thought ourselves never bring her exercise book and quickly drop down on a new GAPAN book. Found it at last in our bags.
  •  21.1.10 Carmen said Catherine looks like a BALL.

  • 6.2.10  I knew is Jeat Yinn birthday, but Im still don't know her well.
  • 10.2.10 Severe Gastric Pain. Thanks Yeow Xin gave me some sweets.

  • 14.2.10 Valentine's Day and were in ULU YAM as it was the first day of Chinese New Year.
MARCH 2010
  • 3.3.10 I have a slighly beat on a stanger when lined up for the attendance for PBSM because I thought she was Pearly.

  • 7.3.10 Carmen Heng's birthday . I gave her a pair of cartoon shoes.

  • 9.3.10  @ Ms.Ng send us the replacement class during holiday and started with to my disobedient, talkactive, hyperactive, lovely and cute students. She end up her letter by REGARDS, PRETTY NG.  
                @ Made a 3D flowers on a paper. *applause*

  • 12.3.10  Gastric Pain again. Thanks Yeow Xin and Kar Yan.

  • 20.3.10  BBQ at Ms.Ng house. 
  • 29.3.10 Revised for History, got a disease after that. I cant see my mouth when I concentrate on my eyes. And , I can't see my eye when I see my mouth.

APRIL 2010
  • 2.4.10  Carmen, Catherine and Me asked each other what time slept the day before History. Funny answer from Catherine. 
  • 6.4.10 I-CITY
  • 12.4.10 MC-FLURRY
  • 18.4.10 Ms.Ng passed us fold of PHYSICS exercise . Break record. Almost 100++ pages of papers which only include of Form 4 Chapter 2- Force and Motion. To be passed up by the next month of it.
  • 21.4.10 A deeply sadden Day.
  • 28.4.10 甜蜜心烦,愉悦困扰
  • 29.4.10 Drew an ugly picture of a girl cartoon during SEMINAR in hall.
  • 30.4.10  The most AWKWARD DAY that I never had before. I fall into a canal in front of Kheng Fai and Weng Zhen. By the time, we still never knew each other well. Weird man....

MAY 2010

  • 15.5.10 Hamster dead.
  • 26.5.10 Yeow Xin's birthday.

JUNE 2010
  • 12.6.10 Lovely AUNT's birthday. WE bought her something.
  • 17.6.10 Food Hunt. We met up Lara Sim which came from Malacca. 

JULY 2010
  • 8.7.10  LC cube day. L stands for me, represent Ling. C cube represent Carmen, Catherine and Chung Kar Yee. 

  • 9.7.10 L square C cube day.  Lee Merissa was added. 

  • 10.7.10 Self-reflection on myself.

  • 14.7.10 An Ice-cream A day, Keep the moodiness away.

  • 20.7.10    @Sweet Yee's birthday. Celebrated at The Happy Cafe.

                    @ Aunt bought something for US from Japan. 

                    @ Mood were totally down. YOUR HEART CANN'T ACCEPT WITH    WHAT YOUR MOUTH AS SAYING. 

  • 24.7.10 Merissa's birthday. I gave her a Lipstick phone-chain at last.

  • 27.7.10 First time play badminton with Jeat Yinn and Carmen Lim at the stuffy hall besides JUSCO.

  • 31.7.10 Went for KEM-KEPIMPINAN. 

  • 1.8.10 Back from camping. Something made me mad and sad of it. But happier things are more than that. Never regret to participate myself in these activities. @ Started to comprehend with each other, Carmen Lim and Jeat Yinn. =)

  • 7.8.10 Hari Koko. Take part for painting on board. Guess what ? Me, Xue Ren and Carmen Heng got consolation prize as our product formed were not attractive enough

  • 12.8.10 FEARLESS
  • 13.8.10 THE MAXIMUM TEARS DROPPING from myself. The most hurtful day and sadness day
  • 14.8.10 Hatred, anger are dangerous, lose yourself eventually if you can't control it. One of the way is FORGIVING.

  • 20.8.10 Lunch with gangs of friends. Remark from Kar Yee " 喝汤啦! ”

  • 21.8.10 Celebration for Ms.Ng birthday but she need to stay in hospital. 

  • 26.8.10 Pusat Akses. Google search ANG JEAT YINN. found lots of her things. XD

  • 27.8.10 Went to watch Phua Chu Kang with friends.

  • 29.8.10 Fall in love with Shimino.
  • 30.8.10 We drew on Catherine's trial exam timetable. It was colorful. And .... she still keeping with it in her bag smoothly until today. XD

  • 31.8.10 Malacca Street
  • 5.9.10 Feeling ENVY of some friends. 

  • 12.9.10 Italiannes. Bought a watch to May Kei as her birthday present. 

  • 18.9.10 My Birthday. 

  • 21.9.10 @ Catherine falled sick. What ... erm... 蚊症... what what what..   whatever..
                 @ Cam-whored

  • 23.9.10 @ May Kei's Birthday.
                     @ May Kei, Michelle and Me went to SAI GONG in Maluri.

  •  6.10.10  Carmen Lim's Birthday. I gave her a self-made fail.

  • 7.10.10 Michelle Wong's Birthday. I gave her 2 mini pot of nail colour. She painted on her nails in APD after school.

  •  8.10.10  Emo...

  • 12.10.10 PMR was over with Mandarin papers. 

  • 13.10.10 Have a fun in class. The bees ... and Carmen splash water on Catherine. 


  • 16.10.10 Dorae. 

  • 18.10.10 JEAT YINN promise not to EMO anymore.

  • 19.10.10 Ms.Ng left me some messages in my chatbox. T.T

  • 29.10.10 PPS farewell party.

  • 30.10.10 BBQ party for PPS. 

  • 1.11.10 Pan Mee and Longanai with May Kei, Michelle, Sweet Yee, Carmen Heng, Carmen Lim, Jeat Yinn, Weng Zhen, Kheng Fai , Han Qin and Xue Wern. @ Remember my worse contonese "辣椒的板面”. Ring of the sound from them " 板面的辣椒”Aww... awkward.

  • 3.11.10 TESCO with the same gang. XD

  • 11.11.10 @ Xue Ren's Birthday

                  @ Received May Kei SPECIAL message. =) 

  • 12.11.10 Graduation day. @ Curry Mee which invited by May Kei. @ having Diarrhea.

  • 15.11.10 Made Walaoeh Movie.