Tuesday, December 14, 2010

..::.. After SPM..::..

Yeah Baebe, SPM was finally GONE.

I can feel the fresh air around.


And yet, I wanna achieve these desires from NOW.

★  1.)  I want to be independent.  ★

▷ I want to earn money by myself. Dont wanna get any allowance from parents. ◁

2.) I want to dye my hair. ☆

▶ Liese is the first to introduce the latest hair styling product from Japan Hair Trends. Glossy Brown. ◀

3.) Get my license .

▷ Yea, i wanna get my license as fast as possible. And so, i can fetch all of my friends here and there. No more reason for transport problem, please. ◁

4.) Canon with piano version.

▶ Promised myself to play whole and complete Canon before the end of this year. ◀

5.) Handmade Christmas's gifts

▷ And yea.. I plan to make Christmas's gifts to " Walaoeh 's " gang. ◁

6.) Mask

▶ Do a mask at least once a week. No more excuses .  ◀

7.) Buy a new cell phone

▷ Wanna buy a new handphone with my own $$ . Wanna get a part-time job from now. ◁

8.) Watch movie with FRIENDS.

▶ Argh... I had watched the only two movies in this year. Pity me. ◀

9.) Party  ★

▷ Ms. Ng threw her words to us that We gonna have a Steamboat party in her center. Im waiting... ◁

10.) I want to learn about WINE. ☆

▶ You just don't know My way of savouring wine is just like forcing to swallow the pills. ◀

Failed to endure the bitterness of the wine.