Monday, December 6, 2010



Feeling bored and senseless started from this evening.

I wonder why too...

My sister cut my fringe using a big and rusting scissors.

Im fear of she accidentally from shaving my eyelash.

Frame of mind were in downcast.

Totally never have mood to revise Biology.

Asking Carmen Heng for the reason.

Is laughable that asking the reason from her.

She keep typing... " cause... cause .. cause... "

" Your ooestrogen level were finished. "

I stunt a while and ignore that.

" cause.. cause... cause..  You feel very sad because you gonna end your high school life. "

And I replied , " There's no difference whether having high schooll life now, for me, already ended . "

Guess what ?

she speechless after that.  XD

Keep " haih ~ing " in any conversation .

No matter what...

Love Canon.
 Im gonna to learn and play whole song of Canon after SPM.

Recently Love to these SONGS.