Tuesday, October 19, 2010

..::.. 19.10.10 ..::..

I was suprised that Ms.Ng had left me SOME messages there.

Yea.. time passed really fast.

Im feeling full of regret .

I never done my best in everything for those moments.

Fine, there's no use crying over spilt milk.


Once again sorry if I made you feel sad with it.

But I really wanna to share out.

Is about 6 more weeks with my lovely teacher

but 3 more weeks with my beloved FRIENDS.

In short, there were not much of time.

As Carmen said, " Not much time left ady.. Must make use of every moment ma !! "

She sent me this message last night as we were discussing going school or not.

I miss a lot of things in school.

I miss my greenie uniform once more.

I miss my white and broken shoes where I washed it once every week.

( Not like someone who washed HER shoes within 3 months )

I miss my PPS stuff.

PPS stuff. Sweet, Meri & Me.

I miss my TIE where I only washed it for 1 time in my life

and keep receiving a lot of complaint from my friends.

I miss when I can staying back after school till 4pm. XD

I miss when I always hang out with friends to eat in Maluri after school.


Cat's favourite. =)

Pan Mee ( BIG )

Thanks to May Kei who really brought us to try on those superb tasty lunch .


There's belongs to our " LAO DI FANG "


I miss when we play Maths Magic together.

I miss when we step on the yellow line when on the way back to school.

I miss the time when I could go to toilet. 

I miss my nickname " TOILET QUEEN" where you guys gave me.

I miss when Kar Yee love follow and teman me to toilet 

and maykei always stand in front outside our class to inform me that she are going to toilet.

And WE quickly took the PASS from teacher and rush to toilet.


I miss when YOU GUYS keep looking down on my Cantonese and laughing at me. 

I knew it could be trouble but I really recorrect it.  =)

I miss my nametag where it drop anywhere and anytime, 

but still came back to me at last. 

I miss when GROUP of us sitting at the corner of the class

and started to chat , gossip, play, scream, eat and many others action together. 

I miss when we love to listen ghost story.

I miss when we love to slip away from the class without teacher's permission.

I miss when WE started to imagine a lot of things about our future and discuss together.

I miss when you guys pour water to each other like what you all did TODAY.

I miss when you guys love to scracth on Catherine's hairs.

( She changed her hairstyle today and her eyes looks bigger . XP )

I miss when we walked together to Ms.Ng center with the two kids.

I remembered when we refresh our mind to searching for a dog's appearance.

I miss when I love to shout at them and called them to cross over the road. XD


SOMEONE told me

SHE think of me when crossing the road

but no one is reminding her

whether crossing or not ,

because Im not beside her .

haha. LOVE THIS. See how much important I am.


Feeling touch with it huh. T.T

I will always miss you, Ms.Ng.

Not me, but WE.

Sure we will always remembered you!

Im really shocked when you leave me those touching message.

WE won't forget YOU la.  XD XD

I knew we were naughty, disobedient, lazy and always love to "oppose" you,

but I think we bought you great of happiness ?

at least..

I miss when you told us your story .

I miss when you spread the photostate papers to us ,

And i knew it couldn't be happen again next time? haha XD

I miss your homework althought i really did not did on it " SOMETIME "

Ooyah.. I also miss you when play badminton with us .

I miss when you belanja us to eat at " GEI DAK SEK "

I miss when you belanja us to drink at " TIN PAN GO GO "

I miss when you pack 8 packs of KFC to us.

I miss when we together go and sing-K together .


And you only knew to sing those old songs.

I miss when we have a gathering like BBQ at your house and of cause yours center.


Perhaps we can have those moments next time

at your favourite place, TIMES SQUARE.



We are so glad that knew you as our beloved tuition teacher.

Sorry if I done anything wrong to YOU.

Not yet end.

...::.. Is Food ..::..

Went to PUDU food booth .

There's lot of FOODS .

Not bad actually.


Red Bean.
Cassava soup.

"Qing Po Leong"



Fried bean curd & sotong.


Me. =)


Saturday, October 16, 2010

..::.. 17.10.10 ..::..


Sorry if I really made you guys feel SAD with it. 

went to tuition at 8am yesterday morning.

with my reddish and swollen GOLD FISH.

this time is real because I really injured and hurt my eyes. 

Due to... personal problem.

But then, sorry Ms.Ng.

I wonder why you say sorry to me. =)

and... thanks my friend who never ask me why and let me calm down. 

After tuition, thanks Kit Teng for extend yours greeting to me. 

As Catherine saying. 

Agree what she said actually. 

Will be happy and threw away those kinda confusing personal thinggy 

after entering Ms.Ng center's door . 


because gonna meet yours friends . XD


Went to badminton after that. 

Asked Carmen to let me feel tired and fatigued with it. 

And she really did it, she made me run over the half court there .


Me and Kar Yee were asked to engage and belanja  because we lose. 

21 - 13

21 is them obviously . 

Sorry Kar Yee... T.T

I engage Carmen Heng who choose an expensive drink , RM2.30.

she refused to buy a mineral water !

That's all for yesterday.

I miss my school life. 

I miss my greenie uniform.


...::.. Daorae ..::..


Went Daorae today as Dad's birthday.












Finished . 


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

..::.. 13.10.10..::..


Deeply grieved me.

Attended tuition for Maths and English as this is the last week. 

 feeling sleepy all the days.

And i can't concentrate on what the teacher teaching, 

my eyes were spinning around. 


I wonder what happen to me.

The article from the newspaper TOLD me 

to relieve from restriction, and relaxed.

I wanna to do it but I know I can't. 

I got twice of frighten TODAY.

The first one...

As we were sitting in a group at the corner of the class, 

Me, Catherine, Carmen, Kar Yee and Merissa.

And they were drawing even PAINTING on my newspaper. 

I bought it for RM1 .

It seems like buying their happiness.


A blackish insect suddenly flew through Catherine's mouth

And she used her hand to "catch"  it quickly.

The blackish insect on my table now! 

We thought it was only a FLY but it is LARGE in size.

I never saw a BIG FLY before.

We used our hand to wave it away but IT DOESN'T MOVE.

I observed it attentively,

and I asked them, is a bee

I retreat my chair with sudden.

They get in shock and run away from the table.

But... Merissa still sitting there and said, 

That's not a Bee, but a FLY in fact !

Someone asked her for more confirmation.

 She said is a BEE at last. 

Guess what Carmen did?

 she used my newspaper to cover the bee, 

and she tried to flatten it.

But the bee flee away.

It came to Kar Yee shirt,

and her hair, 

 THE BEE FLIED TO ME after her !

My uniform and stick to my greenie skirt !

Nonetheless, whole class were staring at group of us, 

even the teacher..

( but she never take action and seems like watching movie )

This is the first frighten.

Let's talk about second.

3 prefects went to my class, 

I whispered to Carmen, " Will I be calling out ? "

And she said, " YOU don't 3 8 , do you done everything wrong ? "

But then, 

the prefect look for Catherine.

She went out, and came to us with wicked smile,

" Both of you gotta teman me to Bilik Disiplin too . "

HAR ... ???  I thought i was just simply said. 

And .. i keep thinking a lot of things.

Do them saw US running away from class?

Oh Man.. 

Pn.S called those prefects check for our bodies 

and physical outside the discipline room!

She even called a prefect to bring our bags up to second floor

Whole class were staring at us. 

I were in a state of SHOCK.

A very FRIGHTEN shock .

My heart seems like gonna pumping out from my body.

And of cause, Carmen and Catherine called me to calm down. 

I asked Pn.S for the reason, 

she refused to tell us. 

and keep calling the prefect to do a spot check on 3 of us !

and Carmen just scream in front of them , 

" We don't need to scare, JUST LET THEM CHECK. "

salute you!

And finally, 

We only realize the whole storyline.

But you know something ?

Feeling damn angry with Pn. S

no wonder why every student feeling hatred on her. 

I have the same feeling from now. 

She failed to get any information from us, 

and just said " THANK YOU " without looking at us 

in straightforward . 

I thought she at least need to say a SORRY

but she didn't !

Oh My... 

And we need to carry our bag and go back class without any excuse !




Tuesday, October 12, 2010

..::.. 12.10.10 ..::..

Just Leave me alone. 

In a state of horrified moodiness.

I just can't imagine that I will be drag in your post. 


Should I feel proud ?

Is ridiculous !

The things that shouldn't be. 

Im trying to hold back and preserve back the older post,

instead of publishing out. 

Just because of someone.

Do whatever you want !


Monday, October 11, 2010

..::.. Memories ...::..

Is me and Ms. Pearly 's doggy, ROCKY .

ROCKY , how are you now ?

Did you ever been bullying by your owner ?

Ooyah... this is the video where my sister sang me a birthday song on 18.9.10.

GELI weyyy  =X


..::.. Snooker ..::..

Is Snooker's Day. 

Perhaps we can go and have a day with snooker and bowling after SPM ?

Nope... I want after trial exam. 

Is too far away if I need to wait for the end of SPM. 

Snap Shot.



..::.. 10.10.10..::..

Is Sunday.. 

Whole family were outing 


Im the one stayed in home alone. 

Guess why ?

Is PHYSICS obviously. 

gonna drive me crazy !

faced in front of them for whole day.

Sacrifice my lovely Saturday and Sunday.

And.. I cooked Maggie for my lunch.

Pity me.

Try to seek all over the refrigerator and check whether have greens to add in. 

And I found vege &  some prawns.

I knew that Im allergic to those seafood.

But.. still cant endure of it. 


Egg added.
With M.S.G..
Finished a pack M.S.G. as Im the only one.

They could prevent me from pouring those kinda thinggy if they were at home.

And people... 

please remember something when you wanna to pour M.S.G. to your maggie,

Please do off the stove first before pouring any powder,

YOU know why ?

There's an article 

state that M.S.G. cannot react with boiling water 

or it will induced to a chemical reaction and bla bla bla

IS harm to us... 

Tada ~ Nice looking huh. 

If you feel that is not plump enough , 

Why don't you try to add more soup ?


Like this ... 


that's the end. 




Friday, October 8, 2010

...::.. 8/10/10 ...::..

Im fear of it. 

I knew there's not much about me. 

But still feeling guilty .

I wishes the time could flow backwards, 

and stop at that moment. 

I will take my action as well and started to appreciate those moments. 

Maybe she thought back those terror things ?

Im sorry . 

 ♪ Because Of YOU ♪   Kelly Clarkson

♪ Dreaming With A Broken Hear ♪  John Mayer

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

..::.. FED UP ..::..

well being honestly. 

Im just such a useless human.

I know they would say me Im just simply say and being hypocritical to myself. 

Is a sham in fact.

Im such a bullshit. 

I got the tips, then ?

Results were just like that, never change,

even though  HOW I TRY MY BEST TO DO IT. 

my brain and mind ARE senseless.

I cant sense anything. 

I never have common sense. 

I wonder why should i put number of moles to the M.

Im the one creating problem anyway !

I lose the whole question .

All calculations done wrong !

The things already bear in mind, 

disappear suddenly when i wanna used it. 

Is ridiculous, right ?

Staying in class alone and i feel don't want to disturb people.

Im fear of keep asking questions from them and annoyed them.


Im disappoint to myself. 

I don't have mood to study for tomorrow's history instead of blogging.

I knew it could be in terrible.

But how.. I fed up from them !