Monday, September 19, 2011

..::.. 2 8 7 ..::..

Feeling kinda hard to balance back my mood right now. what the hell happening to me ? so wanna bang the wall and end my life now. I just felt the stress. Am stress out with another thinggy but not college stuff. Somehow, just dont know why i couldnt choose to give up that way instead of fearing for those stress and emotional stuff. I always look for a better tomorrow but it seems like very hard to achieve. I blame myself. Im the one not playing my role well or they just not attaching their importance to me. I WANT TO BREATH. get a life, LING XIN YAN! wake up wake up! what is the real happiness meant to you? I couldnt figure it out. Do the things YOU like and dont get influence by others. Be more unrestrained that people always ask you to do ! In fact, those motivation quotes were just a joke ! how many times i told myself just to forget it and let it passed  but it seems like not. You just dont know how i feel when i received the message and it swung my mood as well. what the heck. Be the real me, and WHO AM I ?that's the question. Im tired and very very very exhausted. I just thought everything will better after a relaxing mind by eating or bathing. AND NOW, im NOT. Can i get back the something that worth to what I contribute for quite a time please. FED UP.  The only way i can do right now is sleeping i guess. I knew thats kind of escaping but I got no choice what to do. Forgive me. 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Sorry to say that I always make myself try to forget eveything that I really dont wanna think of it. 
I knew  it was kind of escaping,  but what to do?
Was trying so hard to face it, to face the problem but nonetheless failed.
Forgive me being so TIMID. wth ...