Wednesday, July 28, 2010

..::.. An... ..::..

An ICE-CREAM a day, keep the MOODY away.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

..::.. 27/7/2010 ..::..

Its better to shut my mouth when facing you .

At least ,

none of us will get HURT

..::.. 27/7/2010

With fringe is better or bang?
Or even pin up all the fringe ?
Don't need fringe ?
                                                                       BANG ?

                                                             FRINGE ?

                                                                   HOLLOW ?

..::.. 26/7/2010 ..::..

I wonder ...

wonder and wondering !

Do every guys like to act COOL ?

I hate that styling man !

Who do you think you are?

the first person is like that,

second person also act like that?

What did I done wrong to you ?

Cant you speak out straightly in front of me?

...::.. 27/7/10 ..::..

Saturday , 24/7/10

Me, catherine, pearly, small carmen & jeat yinn

we together went for badminton after our tuition.

Pray hard there was no raining.

We walked to a hall of Manjalara,

there was an event.

Thanks Small Carmen A lot a lot a lot.

We went to the badminton court which next to JUSCO.

But i FEEL NOT liking the location.

There was stuffy and muggy.

I cant feel the air.

But then, 

I found something.

Whoever called Carmen are good in badminton har?

woah... damn shocked weyy : )

I loosed her a lot ...

Jeat Yinn not bad too ^^

I think no need to mention the others two. 


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

..::.. 21/7/10 ..::..

Dont you feel should have more compassion ,

feel more pity to those who never cry before?

I have observed many persons around me.

I feel more pity with them than those who cry always.

The most agony and suffering thing is.

The person couldn't cry !

" SHE " feels wanna to cry out but she cant !

And "SHE" couldn't told out 

what's in her mind to others people

even her closest friend.

It's because lack of BRAVENESS.

I think...

Im envious of my friend.

Because they could cry out when they want to.


i thought that a girl keep crying in class were sham.

Is sham , not shame.

But now,

I strongly turn over the idea.

And now, Im envious with it.

they could stay happily after CRYING.

But "SHE ", what should "SHE" do?

Feel so sad for her.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

..::.. UnhaPpy ..::..

Lots of thinggy wanna express it out !

Stand out man !

I know that the words 

that promise by using a mouth,

And swear it with a mouth ,

It's hard to achieve .

Till now, I just realize that it's was so hard.

Because your heart cant accept with what your mouth as saying.

And so now,

Giving you a cold shoulder with the desolate- eyesight is much better?

..::.. 20/7/10 ..::..

" Swear It Again "

Im not happy today !

Very unhappy !

Something happen.

Are mine scheming too weighty?

I wonder what was in my mind ???


what are you thinking ???!!!!!!

I wanna to be a person who tries to get along with everyone.

I feel very unhappy to be a good person.

I have to lead along with the other's feelings.

But who will be the one going to understand my feeling ?

Is it too hard for me?

I feel the pressure.

Does a good person always didn't get back the benefits ?

Or that was just the only one.

That is ME ?

And I have to become bad person or even evil?

I cant posses the right feeling due to my mind with my face.

That is because i scare been annoyed !

keep asking .

But did you try to understand what's my feeling.?

Can you dont ever ask me why my tears are dropping ?

It is because ...

You never understand my feeling and situation !

And you keep asking me ..

Until my mind gonna burst.

And confusing !

Made me confusing !!!!!!!!!

I cant be in a sober condition.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

..::.. Reflection ..::..

♫♫ Reflection ♫♫ by 

Christina Aquilera 

is fit what Im feeling right now.

♪ ♪ Look at me 
    You may think you see 

     who I really am 

    But you'll never know me


     It's as if I play a part 

     Now I see

    If I wear a mask

    I can fool the world

    But I cannot fool
    My Heart

    Who is that girl I see

    Staring straight back at me?

    When will my reflection show 

     who I am inside 

    I am now in a world

    where I have to 

    hide my heart

    And what I believe in

    But somehow 

    I will show the world

    what's inside my heart 

    And be love who I am 

      ... ...  ♪♪

▍▎▏I can fool the world, 

But i cannot fool  my heart    ▌▍▎

 A sentence which will stay in my mind. 


Today went for badminton .
need to alter myself.
never touch it quite a long time.
( Me, catherine, pearly & carmen ) 
expected what will happen to my armpits tomorrow.
going to be extra ache ...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

..::.. The most familiar's stranger ..::..

Song for today : ♫ " the most familiar's stranger " ♫

 ♪♪ 最熟悉的陌生人 . ♪♪ 

♬ 。。。 为了寂寞



      最熟悉的陌生人 。。。 ♬

My mind gotta burst . 

Stop reminding me those thinggy, please.


This morning,

I create a silly mini activity with the cooperation from sweet.



this kindly silly thinggy is done specialized for the people who still in the bad temperament.  

The two girls ... =_='''

Firstly, i just simply said this game is to investigate the wave.

Cheat them.
And need four person to participate in it.


 I placed michelle's hand to the lowest, next is me, pearly and sweet @

And I tell them the instruction.

Where it is when I counted for 1 , 2 and 3 ,

sweet and my hand gonna brought out.

But theirs still have to stay still.

It was successfully due to this step.

Both of their hand really been left in the situation.

I told them not to move their hand away.

At the same time, 

I quickly push pearly's hand down


sweet brought  michelle's hand up.


she is too clever ... and stubborn .

Her hand is in stiff and " rigid "  immediately !

In conclusion,

it was failed . Grrr


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

..::.. Never Had A Dream Come True ..::..

Today's song : ♫ " Never Had A Dream Come True "   ♫

Gotta express my daily feeling with songs.
Go and have a search on this lyrics.
♪♪"there's no use looking back of wondering" ♪♪

Education fair in school today.
Searching all about the computing programming.
And the staff from KBU help me to interpret those specific thinggy.

And she did explain to me about the computing.
Feel kindly interest with it actually.
Wanna getting the job from my dad.
And cutting down the burden that he faced.

Today found something.

Is about FRIENDS.

How important are them for ME !!!

I should arrange it attentively. 

I found that not every matter that I can pour out to one's in family.
Is just because... maybe the difference of the era.

You know? Its just like when you tell them your feelings.

And they did comfort you, 

But still feeling uncomfortable in my mind.

And keep irritated on it.

But then, if you try to tell your faithful friend,

its different, you know... ?

Once I had told them all about my vexed,

my stone in my heart was disappear automatically.

I wonder why?

Maybe they faces the same problem with me?

Or just because we are on the same age.

So the mind status of us are the same.?

An example when I was depressed on the night before,

the next day morning, 

I could find the happiness from them

and could be joyful again with them.

MOODINESS is away from me voluntary.

Keep talking and chit-chatting to each other.

And I was happy to meet them actually


 they made me laugh all the time.

they made me feel the world is wonderful.

they made me full of illusions.

And ... and ... and..

they made me crazier than them !

Hahah .

( dont feel GELI )

PS : I have to tell the truth, because we have to say BYE-BYE soon.

the main things is.

Friends are besides you forever.

Cant you feel it.

If you lose your LOVE,

FRIEND is the one who always beside you.

I know they could console us.

because .... 

they will come into being curious to our thinggy .

In short, they were  " BA PO "

haha , kidding !

And soon you will lose your depressing ! 

Haxxxxx ...

Expressing all my feelings out ! 

Wanna scream in front of the ocean.

"YOU "...


Thanks my friends @

Monday, July 5, 2010

..::.. FINALLY ..::..

Hehe... sorry my friend.
I know is dusty here.
I will update my bloggy next time.
I can feel those sneeze coming out from me.
And you too...

I would like to share my feeling right here.
Its the matter for last week, I think...
I have drop the idea forever...
Have no more illusions about the matter.
Its that better for me ?

For my opinion, its just like when you feel loving with the others person and HE is fade from one's memory little by little.
And YOU will forget the one's in your memory voluntary ... ?

Duhhx ...
That is just me.
Couldn't think so much for it.

I was shocked that when my friend said
"HIM" is XXX ...
Oh Man... They keep nodding head.
And I try to explain with them that's not actually.
Never happen at all when start !
They couldn't believe it !
I was damn freaking in shock.

Bought SOMEONE birthday present today.
Never spend so costly on present before !!!
I do think this is the first time.
So, " SOMEONE" , please appreciate it !
Gotta paste some pictures on it.
Elaborating my creative .