Thursday, January 20, 2011

..::.. 20.1.10 ...::..

Freaking Tired today.

Am so so so so so nervous !

Started my driving lesson at 1pm

end at 4pm.

Whole situation was like debacle.

Mad for it.

I knew how to drive, i knew the fact,

but my response was like SHIT.

I just failed from treading the clutch and accelerator at the same time. 

How noob I am . 

Learned around Manjalara Park, 

and guess what ?

He asked to drive on those road where many cars passed by later.


Nervous plus nervous !

Never been so nervous like HELL before.

This was really make my HEART keep thudding with .... EXCITEMENT ?

This was HORROR !!!

Heart wanna pumping out from my body.

And I was always lined on the first row before the traffic light turn RED.

DAMN .. this is my fate.

Hmm... i think i did mati enjin for about 4-5 times .


Never get prepared myself on ROAD.

And... and... and...

Guess what ??

I drove back to my home , SERIOUSLY.

My steering not yet get ready.

The drivers around keep making the way for me,

And I don't know  should feel proud or what ... ?!!

Keep feeling so Paiseh and drove as fast as I can.

But the Kancil's speed still like that.  >.<

Almost BANG with the car behind me,

cause failed to hold back the clutch properly.

But the driverssssssssss.... never HORN me.

Make me more nervous.

Having my driving test on 16-2-11 .

Fail for sure.  Aaaaaxxxx.

* The uncle saw me using left hand writing on his paper.

And he asked " you left-handed a ? "

" No wonder your steering so ODDLY  !

OH... shit....

" You should practice more for clutching and steering. "

" YOU ARE TOO NERVOUS, Dont need to hold the steering so tight. Relax. "

These are the advices from him before I left.

OMG ... OH MY GODDDDDDD !!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I bet the uncle is scolding me right now,

I think he already had a hard-hearted .

And... i knew he already TAHAN-ed  me for 3 hours.  

* Pray hard *

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

..::.. Aha ...::..

I got my first part time job in One Utama.
Feeling so excited for next Monday. 
Selling biscuits . =)
RM70 per day plus commision .
Teehee.. XD

Tomorrow... my first driving lesson.
Am so nervous .... Aaaaaaaa.
Hopefully no BANG for me.

* Pray Hard. *

Friday, January 14, 2011

If I were the Green Hornet

Green Hornet

If I were a Green Hornet,
I would like to design a giant and auto technology Moving Castle as my dwelling place 
It is something like Transformers 
which can be turned into two, three and even four-wheels vehicles. 
And thus I may fight against those criminals.
Magic skills...  magic claws and even magic bolts.
I could probably train myself to become a magician.
Something like Harry Potter and the magic words ...
Like ... erm ... 
" Alohomora " ... 
used to open and unlock doors,  but doors can be bewitched so that this spell has no effect and so the criminals can be caught.
 For your information, the word - "Alohomora" was stated from the West African Sidiki dialect used in geomancy and has the literal meaning " Friendly to thieves ".
Apart from that, to become a Green Hornet, 
Vegetables should be consumed everyday ... Why ?
vegetables are GREEN ... teehee XD
Green Hornet is a human being in fact, and thus I need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and of course a balanced diet is important for me to keep my body fit and fiddle.
So... how vege are important for me besides from potions.
Vegetables provide various of vitamins, minerals and thousands of other plant chemicals, and this is known to provide health benefits.
Hence, I could increase my vitality due to high nutrient contents. 
And so, I could probably caught a criminal at a lightning speed.
Ooyah..Safety features...
 In the green light of this, I would like to make myself learn some self-defense training.

 Kung Fu




Weng Chun XD

The Ends. 


Sunday, January 9, 2011

..::.. 8.1.11 ..::..


Saturday .

Feeling so nervous for undang test.

Reached center at 7am,

Followed by Carmen after that.  

Undang center and I got number 022 ,

Carmen 036 .

Met Catherine and Pearly which had been expected.

Guess what number they got.

100 and 101 .

The moment when the operator called my name ,

 " Ling Xin Yan "

my heart was thudding with excitement.

I was very nervous and in a state of tension.  

I got number 12 for my seat.

Forgot to put back my phone into the rack.

Careless me.

And finally, I passed....

* a big phewwwwwwwwwwwww *

48/50 .

Carmen got 49/50 .


Decided to skip Amali and straight to begin my first driving lesson .

Sunday looks.

..::..7.1.11 ..::..

Is FRIDAY.  =)

Went to badminton with Carmen, Sweet Yee, Michelle, Ms.Ng and her friend from Japan - Wayne.

Everything induced to fine.

Met Joel after that.

Aaahaha ...

Had a poke fun at school .

Have a lie on them ... 

that I got my P license.


But anyway,

I was very happy when met up with them,

maybe we are from the same kinds of personality ,

easy to make fun with , and crazy enough.

Went to have our lunch - Pan Mee with ...

Walaoeh Gang.

I was shocked when I saw my drawing board

was placed first vertically along the roadside when step into school.

Thou it really not nice .

No ruler is using .

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

..::.. 4.1.10 ...::..

Yesh.. baebe,

Work hard and get prepared for the Undang test this Saturday.

Pray hard.

*hand-crossed *

Please do allow me to wrong 8 at most.

Guess what ?

Received Yinn's message at evening.

" Xin Yan. "

So hard to draw out whats my feeling,

but Im very happy in fact she's still greet at me.

Shes still remembered me in other saying. =)

And yet, chat with carmen lim via Facebook.

She express her feeling to me,

and sure I felt sad to her

Im so sorry that I failed to help her anyway.


Yinn onlined after 11pm.

She asked me some questions for Biology and Physics.

Sincerely a sorry if my answers are wrong. =X

And yea, we chat a lot.

Guess what ?

Both of us ended up our chatting at 1.30am.  XD

Woohoo... is a new record for ME.

She is hardworking but TOO HARDWORKING !

what I wanna trying to say is...

RELAX... is just the beginning.

And she still wanna do her revision after 1.30am.

And I was like O.O . , Huhh ??

can you imagine what will she do if the next day is her SPM ?

I bet she wont sleep whole day .

Whole month , i think.

This is too hardworking,

make the modest remarks on herself.

She always look down upon herself ,

but can you see ???



Yesh... achived the earning FINALLY.  [ Nuffnang ]

Monday, January 3, 2011

Sunday, January 2, 2011

...:::..2.1.10 ...:::...

Feeling like wanna tears out.

Wondering nothing but mind was in a state of confusion. 

People and friends around me

are going to prepare themselves on their studies, 

and some of them found their jobs too. 

My life just senseless. 



I wish to went back. 

Because all of them ! 


agree what you said.

shoudn't be so closed to you guys , 

see how much deepen of my feeling !

Sad ... I should knew them earlier .