Monday, July 5, 2010

..::.. FINALLY ..::..

Hehe... sorry my friend.
I know is dusty here.
I will update my bloggy next time.
I can feel those sneeze coming out from me.
And you too...

I would like to share my feeling right here.
Its the matter for last week, I think...
I have drop the idea forever...
Have no more illusions about the matter.
Its that better for me ?

For my opinion, its just like when you feel loving with the others person and HE is fade from one's memory little by little.
And YOU will forget the one's in your memory voluntary ... ?

Duhhx ...
That is just me.
Couldn't think so much for it.

I was shocked that when my friend said
"HIM" is XXX ...
Oh Man... They keep nodding head.
And I try to explain with them that's not actually.
Never happen at all when start !
They couldn't believe it !
I was damn freaking in shock.

Bought SOMEONE birthday present today.
Never spend so costly on present before !!!
I do think this is the first time.
So, " SOMEONE" , please appreciate it !
Gotta paste some pictures on it.
Elaborating my creative .