Tuesday, July 20, 2010

..::.. 20/7/10 ..::..

" Swear It Again "

Im not happy today !

Very unhappy !

Something happen.

Are mine scheming too weighty?

I wonder what was in my mind ???


what are you thinking ???!!!!!!

I wanna to be a person who tries to get along with everyone.

I feel very unhappy to be a good person.

I have to lead along with the other's feelings.

But who will be the one going to understand my feeling ?

Is it too hard for me?

I feel the pressure.

Does a good person always didn't get back the benefits ?

Or that was just the only one.

That is ME ?

And I have to become bad person or even evil?

I cant posses the right feeling due to my mind with my face.

That is because i scare been annoyed !

keep asking .

But did you try to understand what's my feeling.?

Can you dont ever ask me why my tears are dropping ?

It is because ...

You never understand my feeling and situation !

And you keep asking me ..

Until my mind gonna burst.

And confusing !

Made me confusing !!!!!!!!!

I cant be in a sober condition.