Saturday, July 10, 2010

..::.. Reflection ..::..

♫♫ Reflection ♫♫ by 

Christina Aquilera 

is fit what Im feeling right now.

♪ ♪ Look at me 
    You may think you see 

     who I really am 

    But you'll never know me


     It's as if I play a part 

     Now I see

    If I wear a mask

    I can fool the world

    But I cannot fool
    My Heart

    Who is that girl I see

    Staring straight back at me?

    When will my reflection show 

     who I am inside 

    I am now in a world

    where I have to 

    hide my heart

    And what I believe in

    But somehow 

    I will show the world

    what's inside my heart 

    And be love who I am 

      ... ...  ♪♪

▍▎▏I can fool the world, 

But i cannot fool  my heart    ▌▍▎

 A sentence which will stay in my mind. 


Today went for badminton .
need to alter myself.
never touch it quite a long time.
( Me, catherine, pearly & carmen ) 
expected what will happen to my armpits tomorrow.
going to be extra ache ...