Tuesday, July 27, 2010

...::.. 27/7/10 ..::..

Saturday , 24/7/10

Me, catherine, pearly, small carmen & jeat yinn

we together went for badminton after our tuition.

Pray hard there was no raining.

We walked to a hall of Manjalara,

there was an event.

Thanks Small Carmen A lot a lot a lot.

We went to the badminton court which next to JUSCO.

But i FEEL NOT liking the location.

There was stuffy and muggy.

I cant feel the air.

But then, 

I found something.

Whoever called Carmen are good in badminton har?

woah... damn shocked weyy : )

I loosed her a lot ...

Jeat Yinn not bad too ^^

I think no need to mention the others two.