Wednesday, July 21, 2010

..::.. 21/7/10 ..::..

Dont you feel should have more compassion ,

feel more pity to those who never cry before?

I have observed many persons around me.

I feel more pity with them than those who cry always.

The most agony and suffering thing is.

The person couldn't cry !

" SHE " feels wanna to cry out but she cant !

And "SHE" couldn't told out 

what's in her mind to others people

even her closest friend.

It's because lack of BRAVENESS.

I think...

Im envious of my friend.

Because they could cry out when they want to.


i thought that a girl keep crying in class were sham.

Is sham , not shame.

But now,

I strongly turn over the idea.

And now, Im envious with it.

they could stay happily after CRYING.

But "SHE ", what should "SHE" do?

Feel so sad for her.