Tuesday, July 6, 2010

..::.. Never Had A Dream Come True ..::..

Today's song : ♫ " Never Had A Dream Come True "   ♫

Gotta express my daily feeling with songs.
Go and have a search on this lyrics.
♪♪"there's no use looking back of wondering" ♪♪

Education fair in school today.
Searching all about the computing programming.
And the staff from KBU help me to interpret those specific thinggy.

And she did explain to me about the computing.
Feel kindly interest with it actually.
Wanna getting the job from my dad.
And cutting down the burden that he faced.

Today found something.

Is about FRIENDS.

How important are them for ME !!!

I should arrange it attentively. 

I found that not every matter that I can pour out to one's in family.
Is just because... maybe the difference of the era.

You know? Its just like when you tell them your feelings.

And they did comfort you, 

But still feeling uncomfortable in my mind.

And keep irritated on it.

But then, if you try to tell your faithful friend,

its different, you know... ?

Once I had told them all about my vexed,

my stone in my heart was disappear automatically.

I wonder why?

Maybe they faces the same problem with me?

Or just because we are on the same age.

So the mind status of us are the same.?

An example when I was depressed on the night before,

the next day morning, 

I could find the happiness from them

and could be joyful again with them.

MOODINESS is away from me voluntary.

Keep talking and chit-chatting to each other.

And I was happy to meet them actually


 they made me laugh all the time.

they made me feel the world is wonderful.

they made me full of illusions.

And ... and ... and..

they made me crazier than them !

Hahah .

( dont feel GELI )

PS : I have to tell the truth, because we have to say BYE-BYE soon.

the main things is.

Friends are besides you forever.

Cant you feel it.

If you lose your LOVE,

FRIEND is the one who always beside you.

I know they could console us.

because .... 

they will come into being curious to our thinggy .

In short, they were  " BA PO "

haha , kidding !

And soon you will lose your depressing ! 

Haxxxxx ...

Expressing all my feelings out ! 

Wanna scream in front of the ocean.

"YOU "...


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