Friday, March 26, 2010

..::.. 20/3 ..::..

Yeah .
Today having BBQ event with a gang of us~
brought a box of REVIVE ,
Pearly be the planner~
Stay in teacher house whole day actually,
said wanna do revision,
but cant achieve... ^^
can you imagine will a gang of playful teenagers starting to do their revision ?
sweat ... =_='''
We went to LONG KEI twice,
playing KAM MIN TOI .
We just silly , bored and senseless ~
They finally came on 6pm
started breaking out the fire ,
Cat is just superwoman,
Hui Jing not bad aso actually,
but ... still ok lah..
Sweet burnt hers shoe..
made a lot of FUN .
I just remembered the things that I did so embarrassed !
I was FULLY and drank a tin of REVIVE .
I cant endure myself, 
and i finally BURP out...
( No need to care for my image cause i really no images in front of them )
Michelle and Hui Jing quickly RUN away from me...
oh gosh, i forget that michelle was feeling disgusting with these thinggy ,
But i did it in front of her ... =_='''
SORRY ya...
 heh ^^
I saw the moon disappear, 
and i ask them , " Where Is The Moon ? "
Pearly answered , " Moon Also Have Been Frighten with You Already La ... "
YOU never saw her action,
shes holding the BBQ sting and pointing to the sky ..
aaa ... FUNNY ...
SO FUN ... ^^