Friday, March 12, 2010

..::.. 12/3 ..::..

Yesterday, 11/3 ,
sucks day...
gastric pain again ..
ate 2 bowls of the noodles after mandarin class,
Thanks Carmen who so willing to company me ^^

Thanks Kar Yan and Yeow Xin ... 
thanks for urs concern ^^

After home,
i wonder is my gastric pain till no feeling or what...
loosing the appetite to eat ~
but i force myself to eat because later gonna enroll tuition~
the foods , 
arrgh , hard to swallow ~

And today,
after taking the nap,
woke up and gone out to have dinner.
The things that i ate is tasteless...
and the foods , 
i couldn't feel myself that i was biting..
im just swallowing?
after eating ,
cant endure with the pain ,
my stomach keep churning ,
the food is almost fit at my throat,
wanna vomit out but i cant,
my stomach is ache ...
keep perspiring with the cold sweat ... =_='''
argh ...

Im posses Gastric disease ...
So, my friends ...
Please treat me as well  ... ^^