Wednesday, March 3, 2010

..::.. ThingZzZ ..::..

Today morning,
arrgh... so embarrassed ~
staying back after the assembly for taking the attendance...
damn ~
someone call me to stand in front,
i just saw a figure viewed from behind to a girl,
and i thought that was PEARLY ,
i never think thrice and move forward to have a beat on her~
at the same time im beating her, my head was turn to another direction~
after 2 or 3 seconds i think..
i heard OUCH from her~
i turn back my head and saw something !
That was not PEARLY ..
that's a stranger actually ...
we never know each other also ..
Only at this moment,
I only realised that i have been bitten wrong people ~
KAR YEE stand behind her and keep laughing !
Ans so she told me, That's why she wonder I was beating her ~
damn awkward man ~
And i quickly say SORRY ...
oO Oo ...
im clumsy ~
The bad things were...
Everyone knowing this matter~
arrrghhhhh !!!!

The time when duty ...
We finally knew the girl ~
She called Ah Mian ..
We talks a lotzzz..
Catherine, Kar Yee , Sweet Yee and Me keep zat~ing each other in front of her~
haha ^^
so fun ~
and i remember a joke from Catherine ~
We saw 3 eagle in the sky~..
and cat say why the eagle wanna to fly so slow ....
KAR YEE immediately answer , Eagles eat Cat , They are finding YOU , CATHERINE ..
hahahahaha ^v^
so funny

Something happen when we were duty ~
but not liking to mention it again ...