Monday, March 29, 2010

..::.. Arx ..::..

Ooyeah ! 
Bio paper was finally gone ...
but then still have Biology Paper 3 ,
argh !!! dunno where should i read from ...!!!

Yesterday, 29/3 .
i losing my times ...
morning read till evening !
But just simply have a look on those chapter,
Gonna lean on the TIPS that given by my friends.
But then, i have no time to read on them already!
damn ! i hate this kind of life !
exam is made my life tortured !
pimples growing on my face...
Heavy rain yesterday,
i sit at balcony and the same time reading,
I felt my pressure !
They are Holding me Down  ...
And i think back mine result,
not satisfied actually,
Anger and Sadden keep "seethe" in my heart ..
My tears keep revolving in my eye socket ..
But i never let it drops ...
Finally knew what is the meaning of PRESSURE ..
and why some people will prefer to commit suicide ..
arhxxx !!!

Damn ... i wonder what is the disease actually.
This is the second time that i got the symptoms,
I went to the mirror and looks at my eyes ,
I cant saw my mouth , and as the moment i move to my mouth,
I cant saw my eyes ...
SUCKS  diseases !

Friday's History ...
its coming soon !
damn ! i never touch even a page for history ...
sucks !!!! 
any tips ?