Thursday, March 4, 2010

..::.. 5/11 ..::..

Yesterday something happen ,
made me moody and EMO during whole night !
lose the feelings to do my homework ...
argh ~~
im keep praying for GOD ,
i hope everything will be fine to him ~
Today morning,
having the same mood actually
because i thought back the thingggy ...
really consider to forget about it ,
but i CANT ~
what i can done was just praying ?
i think ...
No school today for 5A and 5B,
the cases of H1N1,
nothing to be happy actually,
cause i prefer to have schooling to cure my moody ,
thanks to KAR YEE 's mama for bringing us to Hospital Jinjang
to have a blood test,
But but but but,
after we have register the form,
a call from UNKNOWN said ,
no need to check if you didn't have the symptoms .
Oh Dear ..
the nurses over there said so,
we waste our time and hers petrol ~
walked back to school earlier to do all the chemistry thinggy ,
we state that we must enroll the tuition today explicitly !
because we were at the back ...
someone told me that tuition for today canceled ,
DAMN ...
of cause 3 of us really angry ...
every times we have to coordinate with them,
but no one who is willing to cooperate with us !!!
today i saw both of them,
but doesn't know their nameee actually,
i didnt have the chance to ask ~
the time i walked back again to school,
SOMEONE scream " PPS!! "
i turned back and see,
oO... the cute guy...
haha, he's actually cute..
his PJ attire wrote a lot of things..
and i had camera on it !!
XaXa ...

Perhaps PPS will win this year,
Merah group same so ... ^^
gud luck ~