Wednesday, March 31, 2010

..::.. 31/3 ..::..

last day for MARCH ..
entering new month,
and NOVEMBER is blooding approaching me~

Today add maths ,
wanna tears out !
sucks !
The more i continued to do the questions,
The more i dont know how to do it !
Im just wanna give up but i know i cant..
And i keep starring on my watch ,
made me so NERVOUS !
especially ADD MATHS 2 ... sucks ..

During tuition time,
two girls in front of me reading Chemistry ,
their school may from Manjalara , i think...
wanna ask them what's going out on the paper but ...
im not DARE ..
Lolxxx ...

Sweet Yee so nice !
Shes Sms me on the tips for BIO 3 ...
Recently only few of this kind of people jor ~

harzzzz ...
tomorrow gotta keep reading on history ...

ADD OIL , everyone ~ ^^