Friday, January 14, 2011

If I were the Green Hornet

Green Hornet

If I were a Green Hornet,
I would like to design a giant and auto technology Moving Castle as my dwelling place 
It is something like Transformers 
which can be turned into two, three and even four-wheels vehicles. 
And thus I may fight against those criminals.
Magic skills...  magic claws and even magic bolts.
I could probably train myself to become a magician.
Something like Harry Potter and the magic words ...
Like ... erm ... 
" Alohomora " ... 
used to open and unlock doors,  but doors can be bewitched so that this spell has no effect and so the criminals can be caught.
 For your information, the word - "Alohomora" was stated from the West African Sidiki dialect used in geomancy and has the literal meaning " Friendly to thieves ".
Apart from that, to become a Green Hornet, 
Vegetables should be consumed everyday ... Why ?
vegetables are GREEN ... teehee XD
Green Hornet is a human being in fact, and thus I need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and of course a balanced diet is important for me to keep my body fit and fiddle.
So... how vege are important for me besides from potions.
Vegetables provide various of vitamins, minerals and thousands of other plant chemicals, and this is known to provide health benefits.
Hence, I could increase my vitality due to high nutrient contents. 
And so, I could probably caught a criminal at a lightning speed.
Ooyah..Safety features...
 In the green light of this, I would like to make myself learn some self-defense training.

 Kung Fu




Weng Chun XD

The Ends.