Wednesday, January 5, 2011

..::.. 4.1.10 ...::..

Yesh.. baebe,

Work hard and get prepared for the Undang test this Saturday.

Pray hard.

*hand-crossed *

Please do allow me to wrong 8 at most.

Guess what ?

Received Yinn's message at evening.

" Xin Yan. "

So hard to draw out whats my feeling,

but Im very happy in fact she's still greet at me.

Shes still remembered me in other saying. =)

And yet, chat with carmen lim via Facebook.

She express her feeling to me,

and sure I felt sad to her

Im so sorry that I failed to help her anyway.


Yinn onlined after 11pm.

She asked me some questions for Biology and Physics.

Sincerely a sorry if my answers are wrong. =X

And yea, we chat a lot.

Guess what ?

Both of us ended up our chatting at 1.30am.  XD

Woohoo... is a new record for ME.

She is hardworking but TOO HARDWORKING !

what I wanna trying to say is...

RELAX... is just the beginning.

And she still wanna do her revision after 1.30am.

And I was like O.O . , Huhh ??

can you imagine what will she do if the next day is her SPM ?

I bet she wont sleep whole day .

Whole month , i think.

This is too hardworking,

make the modest remarks on herself.

She always look down upon herself ,

but can you see ???



Yesh... achived the earning FINALLY.  [ Nuffnang ]