Sunday, January 9, 2011

..::..7.1.11 ..::..

Is FRIDAY.  =)

Went to badminton with Carmen, Sweet Yee, Michelle, Ms.Ng and her friend from Japan - Wayne.

Everything induced to fine.

Met Joel after that.

Aaahaha ...

Had a poke fun at school .

Have a lie on them ... 

that I got my P license.


But anyway,

I was very happy when met up with them,

maybe we are from the same kinds of personality ,

easy to make fun with , and crazy enough.

Went to have our lunch - Pan Mee with ...

Walaoeh Gang.

I was shocked when I saw my drawing board

was placed first vertically along the roadside when step into school.

Thou it really not nice .

No ruler is using .