Saturday, October 16, 2010

..::.. 17.10.10 ..::..


Sorry if I really made you guys feel SAD with it. 

went to tuition at 8am yesterday morning.

with my reddish and swollen GOLD FISH.

this time is real because I really injured and hurt my eyes. 

Due to... personal problem.

But then, sorry Ms.Ng.

I wonder why you say sorry to me. =)

and... thanks my friend who never ask me why and let me calm down. 

After tuition, thanks Kit Teng for extend yours greeting to me. 

As Catherine saying. 

Agree what she said actually. 

Will be happy and threw away those kinda confusing personal thinggy 

after entering Ms.Ng center's door . 


because gonna meet yours friends . XD


Went to badminton after that. 

Asked Carmen to let me feel tired and fatigued with it. 

And she really did it, she made me run over the half court there .


Me and Kar Yee were asked to engage and belanja  because we lose. 

21 - 13

21 is them obviously . 

Sorry Kar Yee... T.T

I engage Carmen Heng who choose an expensive drink , RM2.30.

she refused to buy a mineral water !

That's all for yesterday.

I miss my school life. 

I miss my greenie uniform.