Monday, October 11, 2010

..::.. 10.10.10..::..

Is Sunday.. 

Whole family were outing 


Im the one stayed in home alone. 

Guess why ?

Is PHYSICS obviously. 

gonna drive me crazy !

faced in front of them for whole day.

Sacrifice my lovely Saturday and Sunday.

And.. I cooked Maggie for my lunch.

Pity me.

Try to seek all over the refrigerator and check whether have greens to add in. 

And I found vege &  some prawns.

I knew that Im allergic to those seafood.

But.. still cant endure of it. 


Egg added.
With M.S.G..
Finished a pack M.S.G. as Im the only one.

They could prevent me from pouring those kinda thinggy if they were at home.

And people... 

please remember something when you wanna to pour M.S.G. to your maggie,

Please do off the stove first before pouring any powder,

YOU know why ?

There's an article 

state that M.S.G. cannot react with boiling water 

or it will induced to a chemical reaction and bla bla bla

IS harm to us... 

Tada ~ Nice looking huh. 

If you feel that is not plump enough , 

Why don't you try to add more soup ?


Like this ... 


that's the end.