Wednesday, October 13, 2010

..::.. 13.10.10..::..


Deeply grieved me.

Attended tuition for Maths and English as this is the last week. 

 feeling sleepy all the days.

And i can't concentrate on what the teacher teaching, 

my eyes were spinning around. 


I wonder what happen to me.

The article from the newspaper TOLD me 

to relieve from restriction, and relaxed.

I wanna to do it but I know I can't. 

I got twice of frighten TODAY.

The first one...

As we were sitting in a group at the corner of the class, 

Me, Catherine, Carmen, Kar Yee and Merissa.

And they were drawing even PAINTING on my newspaper. 

I bought it for RM1 .

It seems like buying their happiness.


A blackish insect suddenly flew through Catherine's mouth

And she used her hand to "catch"  it quickly.

The blackish insect on my table now! 

We thought it was only a FLY but it is LARGE in size.

I never saw a BIG FLY before.

We used our hand to wave it away but IT DOESN'T MOVE.

I observed it attentively,

and I asked them, is a bee

I retreat my chair with sudden.

They get in shock and run away from the table.

But... Merissa still sitting there and said, 

That's not a Bee, but a FLY in fact !

Someone asked her for more confirmation.

 She said is a BEE at last. 

Guess what Carmen did?

 she used my newspaper to cover the bee, 

and she tried to flatten it.

But the bee flee away.

It came to Kar Yee shirt,

and her hair, 

 THE BEE FLIED TO ME after her !

My uniform and stick to my greenie skirt !

Nonetheless, whole class were staring at group of us, 

even the teacher..

( but she never take action and seems like watching movie )

This is the first frighten.

Let's talk about second.

3 prefects went to my class, 

I whispered to Carmen, " Will I be calling out ? "

And she said, " YOU don't 3 8 , do you done everything wrong ? "

But then, 

the prefect look for Catherine.

She went out, and came to us with wicked smile,

" Both of you gotta teman me to Bilik Disiplin too . "

HAR ... ???  I thought i was just simply said. 

And .. i keep thinking a lot of things.

Do them saw US running away from class?

Oh Man.. 

Pn.S called those prefects check for our bodies 

and physical outside the discipline room!

She even called a prefect to bring our bags up to second floor

Whole class were staring at us. 

I were in a state of SHOCK.

A very FRIGHTEN shock .

My heart seems like gonna pumping out from my body.

And of cause, Carmen and Catherine called me to calm down. 

I asked Pn.S for the reason, 

she refused to tell us. 

and keep calling the prefect to do a spot check on 3 of us !

and Carmen just scream in front of them , 

" We don't need to scare, JUST LET THEM CHECK. "

salute you!

And finally, 

We only realize the whole storyline.

But you know something ?

Feeling damn angry with Pn. S

no wonder why every student feeling hatred on her. 

I have the same feeling from now. 

She failed to get any information from us, 

and just said " THANK YOU " without looking at us 

in straightforward . 

I thought she at least need to say a SORRY

but she didn't !

Oh My... 

And we need to carry our bag and go back class without any excuse !