Saturday, September 18, 2010

...::.. 18/9/10 ...::..

Yeah... is my 17th birthday.

Finally reached it.

Thanks for my friends who message me during 0000 .

Thank YOU all. 

Went to tuition at 8am,

Said already my eyes could be GOLD FISH every Saturday.

And... this morning, 

Michelle asked for my eyes again. 

" Xin Yan, what happen to your eyes? "

I saw a big present which wrapped with a brownish paper plastic. 

And I knew is mine. 

Straightly went through there and said " I take aaa... "

Everyone was laughing at me. 

I knew that I was too "perasaan ".

Is this. 

Thanks, Merissa, Kok Kuan and Kar Yee. 

They went to my house after tuition. 

Xin Yan, Carmen Heng and Lim, Jeat Yinn, Merissa, Kit Teng, Sweet Yee, Catherine , 
Hui Jing. 

And my dad packed a superb combo combo combo set + extra extra wedges.


They went my study room and started to play computer.

I wonder they came here to visit my house or celebrate with me huh?

Forced them to have their lunch downstairs .

The Miss.Catherine ... keep facing in front of facebook.

She addicted with her game. 

HER childish game.

Is sweet yee.

And i washed for all the plates and cups. 

Thanks Carmen Heng for helping me to place back all the cups.

Thanks Catherine for helping me to washed the cups without using any detergents.

Thanks Carmen Lim for helping me to clean the table.


THEY blocked me and Carmen Heng when we were in kitchen. 

Oh my...

Sorry Carmen, accidentally blocked you.


And she barked with the dog behind my house because nothing to do.

And she even on the stove , MAN ....

Merissa went back after then. 

3pm something. 

Im glad that you came my house today. 


I opened the door outside for her. 

And at the same time I wanna went back ,

they locked me outside.

The hot whether made me feel uncomfortable. 

They keep finding the matches...

But they cant find, and Catherine used stove.

Smart Gal. 

They wanna used stone to produce fire at first.


Finally, i really get SHOCKED from them . 

They started to sing Birthday song with cake for me. 

Thanks, DUDES.

Called Jia Xin and she came after that.

Thanks , Jia Xin.

YOU let us enjoyed fully.

We even played hide and seek. 


End of this day.

Thanks all my friends.

Thanks for coming and thanks everything you guys did for ME.

Get touched with IT.