Tuesday, September 14, 2010

..::.. 14/9/10 ..::..

Well, today induced to happy. 

Had a badminton match with FRIENDS.

Me, Sweet Yee, Carmenssss, Jeat Yinn,Kar Yee, Ling Sze and Hui Jing.

Thanks Ling Sze who helped us to pay and book for us.

Sorry, Ling Sze, will pay back to you.

Snap Shot.

It was miracle. 

That Sweet and Me had won Carmens.

Woah... i was in amused.

Ahahahahaha... XD 

Before we went back.

I was in surprised that i received a present from the TWO KIDS.

@ Carmen Lim & Jeat Yinn

Thanks ya!

love it so much.

Already wrapped it again, and will reopen on this Saturday.

Haha. ^v^

They did discussed with me that whether this Saturday can come to my house.

And I started to think.

Any games in my house?

Hamster, i said.

Carmen Heng replied, " Can.. can also, we play until it die. "

Oh my ...

But then, 

you guys wanna Sing- K ? 

but without Karaoke-room , 

stick in with two mikes only.