Sunday, September 12, 2010

..::.. 12.9.10..::..

Have a nice day.

Hang out with sisters and Ks.

Thanks Ks for being the driver, and thanks for being the stand treat for our lunch.

Out at 10.45am.

After SHE met her friends,

then only we go and buy tickets in GSC.

Guess what we watched ?

the Singapore's movie.


 We choose this as it suits the timing.

the movie is OKAY but funny actually.

Gonna watch STEP- UP 3 IN 3D next time.

Perhaps... ??

I watched a kinda briefly short range about the movie that I wanna to recommend.

The title was Hachiko's : A TRUE DOG'S STORY .

Is a touching movie , i think.

Guarantee Ms.Ng will like it.

Because the dog was so loyal like her BABY.


Bought someone a watch as HER's birthday is coming. = )
( mine before YOU la. )  XD

did she like it ?
Light. Sorry for the blur.

After finish watching,

had a lunch at Italiannies,


The breads.

The sauce.

Their's .

Is mine. Mocha.
Frenzy Pizza.
Never ate much.

they walked their way,

and I rove around.

Went MPH,

took NEXUS CHEMISTRY and started to read.

Is not bad actually,

a peace and wonderful place to read.

with a cup of cappuccino.

YOU don't need to bring any books,

search any books you want at there and started to read.

AND... is FREE.

Hahaxxx . =)

Went around after i feel bored of it.

And meet my sister.

Woah... i were pleasantly surprised by what they had bought me.

root beer and a tin of STICKY sweets

for my earlier birthday presents.

as SHE was not here for the next coming Saturday.


Thanks Ks who busying fetching us here and there.

And spending your time and of cause your $$ .

Snap Shot.