Tuesday, January 12, 2010

..::.. 12/1 ..::..

Ok, nxt week gonna exam for F4 works..
but i never touch the F4 buks..
F5 is better, OK ??

not feeling like to read at all,
keep asking zi ying, jia xin , kar yee, carmen and cat chat with me ~
keep laughing just because of them ~

In fact of cat nvr done the school works and prepare for her LISAN,
kar yee said shes so admire her and seal cat as her IDOL ..
haha ^^
during physics time ,
we keep chatting about who will going to marry first ~
tats so silly..
and time passes so fast,
nxt year wont see any school life anymore ~
FRIENDS, appreciate it ..

today, cat gave us hers bear key chain which she bought from singapore ~
everyone get different colour, i gt PINK+PURPLE ...
tats purple , OK ??
cat gt yellow, car gt blue, sweet white, michelle green i think, zi ying orange...
d others de 4gt lerh ~
stay back after school for doing school work..
because i may sleep during afternoon in house ~
having my lunch with michelle, sweet yee, kah yan and cai ling..
the two girls really BUZZ ...
keep talking and keep talking ...
=_=''' cant enduring with them ~
and finally, I really done all the school work ..
that is efficacious ~

5A may hv our T-SHIRT ..
our face will be created in the cartoon face and will noted on the shirts ..
thats creative, but the colour is just black and white...
PROM night on DECEMBER ...
someone says only for 5a, b and c...
and someone says for all form 5 students.