Friday, January 15, 2010


and finally,
i hv already done all physics and chemistry homeworks...
i thought i will burn the midnight oil ~
but .. so late ...

few days ago,
i just realized that my QUARTZ wrist watch already loss the word " R "
and the alphabet R flit to the the top of the surface ..
haih... everyone came and shake my watch..
and i really dunno who is the murderer ...

someone said me became more 3 8 after friend with CARMEN ...
LOLX .. hahahahahahahaah

really love my friends ...
makes a lot of fun for my life ..
( copy from CAT )

today during moral lessons,
i thought i never bring my moral exercises because i saw cat is copying to GAPEN..
(because cat said she never bring too ! )
and i started to find all over my bags..
i never saw it ~
and i quickly borrow a new GAPEN and faster copy it ...
a while,
i turn over my bag again,
i juz realize that mine moral exercise was not in GAPEN but in CATATAN..
i brought it ~
aaaa... how nervous am i ...
and a few minutes later,
CAT take her note book out from her bag,
it was her moral exercise ...
damn, in fact we have bring it to school..
how silly we are ...