Saturday, November 14, 2009

..::.. mummy JO ..::..

the day of mummy JO's retirement was wonderful ..
the kawad berirama that i put on high expectations was brilliant ...
although i knw that the funniest part had been cut out ~
but tat's was quite perfect performance ... ^v^
I love the funny sketch too ~
the most intimidate part was the time of the "helicopter" landing ...
wow... that was so overstate ...

our class performing 'quire' ...
the song entitled AULD LANG SYNE in BI and BM version ~
no people was watching us during the end ...
because all of them are moving to see the helicopter..
after the quire, our english teacher, MISS TANG engaged us to have a sweet snack in LAMAN MALURI ..
wah ... is a dessert from SECRET RECIPE ~
miss tang so nice ~
i think the flavour was brownies walnut if i didnt guessed wrong ...
( very soft brownies topped with melted chocolate and walnut temptation)

haha ... ^^
nice to eat ~
thx ..