Monday, July 6, 2009

...:::... PAIN !!! ...:::...

today, XXX suddenly pushes me very vigorously from behind,
I suddenly feel tarrying !
I wonder that is either my normal response or my nervous system had problems,
my spine seems like suddenly stucked,
Oh my,
what can i describe my feelings is PAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!
that is very very very very very + hyper hyper hyper hyper PAIN !
i scare i get the spine cancer, spondylitis or whatever la,
THAT is quite exaggeration! but is true !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh man,
i dont know what my response should i give you !
at the sudden, i really feel angry at you !
i turn back and shout at you,
my tears are all " flowing" out !
i havent try to cry if someone beat on me,
but U, u did me cried,
can u c?
TEARS also "flowing" out,
can you imagine how is the pain????
really scare have some spine problem, or cancer,
i scare i will like the " A~ Ya, in the movie ONE LITER OF TEARS " la !
really scare,
oh my,