Friday, July 3, 2009

..::..:: OMG , I saw HIM ..::..

after the PPS meeting,
i walk with my friends to canteen,
cause later still have tuition till 4.30p.m.,
Oh, is too tired ! >,<
on the way,
i saw 3 quite " samseng" guy,
suddenly, i saw a familiar guy between them..
ya, i think is him,
ya, i din guess wrong ^v^ (good in memory)
he was staring at me too,
but his specs was too dark,
and i cant see his eyes too, his hair was damn long,
then i started to speak at him,
" cant greet HELLO aa? "
lol, he answering me that " today is my birthday!"
oh my god?!
he was Irrelevance...
and then? i get shocked with his reply~Ing,
i just replying him " har? "
he keep saying today was his birthday,
lolz, quite funny...