Saturday, June 11, 2011

..::.. 2 8 3 ...::..

Sorry, Im back. :)
Was busying with assignments and college stuffs recently.
Theres a small test next thursday. :(

Erm yea, whats going on with me within a month?
Went to taiwan, and it was a great trip for me.
Was preparing to attend mass call after that and my kinda busy life started.

Received the cheque form Nuffnang.
Thanks, Nuffnang.

I met my new friends two weeks later.
And yea, all assignments came to us.
Busying prepare for presentation and so-called courseworks.

Dad bought me a laptop,
ASUS A43S series.

I dyed my hair with sweet pink.
Aha, dont get shocked,
is reddish but kinda brownish.

Met with them after my tuition class ended.
Carmen Heng, Carmen Lim, Catherine, Sweet Yee,Jeat Yinn, Weng Zhen and Kheng Fai.
Headed to Kay's Garden @ DPC.
Muahahahaha, Catherine came to center and I was so shocked.