Saturday, April 9, 2011

② ⑧ ②

11 - 4 - 2011 

Wanna to clarify something seriously. 
Our status are different, 
the way we think, 
we love, we like and even dislike are totally Different. 

And so...
There's no point hanging out with people who don't make you feel good.
Be with people who appreciate your presence. 

Damn. These are what happen when you step into this kinda mature year, 
step into the real society. 
And ... you know what is the real meaning for EVIL.
Some people even wearing a " mask " front of you.  
I used to be alone.  

They always believed, " I create my life. " 
But I believe life happens to me. 
They play the money game to win. 
I play the money game to not lose.
They focus on opportunities but I focus on obstacles. 
They are willing to promote themselves and their value, 
I love to think negatively about selling and promotion.
They choose both, I choose either and or. 

I wish removing certain people from my life was as easy as unfollowing them.
Please worry about your character, not your reputation. 
Because your character is who you are, 
but your reputation is what people think you are.