Thursday, February 17, 2011

②⑦⑥ th

First of all, 
I passed my driving test. =)
Hopefully will get it tomorrow. 
Thanks to all who wished me, appreciate a lot. 

I  ❤ today. =)
Hang out with Jia Xin, Carmen and Catherine.
That's not a waste feeling excited for it. 
Everything went well.
Thanks all. 
Went for bowling and had a movie.
" Who Know's Woman? "

Guess who is she ???
Ms. Wong Catherine. XD

I miss this.  :(

Jia Xin. 

Xin Yan.

The Balls.

Merissa was scolding Catherine .

Her uniform.

Four of us.

Glad that we were in Catherine's frame.

Cat's bed.

Lazy bumps.


Cat threw her BIOLOGY BOOKS into dustbin .

Thanks, MERISSA.
LOVE it . XD 

Next will be a short post entitled The Person who I admire.