Wednesday, February 9, 2011

②⑦⑤ th.

My CNY .
Kay, there's no difference for this year.

Done my third driving lesson today.
Everything induced to fine.
I met Wen Ting there. =)
Failed to recognize her at first
 I thought the girl was Malay .  =X
And once I turned my head at her when she was parking her car,
she smiled at me.
Owhh, Is HER .

Raymond called me this afternoon,
asked me whether free this Friday .
Gotta " Lau Shang " with them. =)

Chat with Carmen yesterday.
She asked me once again,
which coarse am I taking.
And I stunt suddenly,
Feeling like not interested in studying now.
Prefer working than it.
How a? Am so confusing !  
Maybe never study quite a long time,
 and thus senseless to it. 

And yet...
How if 2 of them really heading to their NS in May at the same time ?
No one gonna lend me their's ears to listen my problems.

How many times do we forgive someone just because we don't want to lose them,
even though they don't deserve our forgiven.