Monday, September 6, 2010

...::.. Excited ..::..


I have to thank Ms.Ng a lot.

Actually planning to study at her centre

because the ADD MATHS questions driving me insane.

And Ms.Ng did permit it.

My stone from my heart only disappear. 

Phew ~

she told me to stay there whole day if I want. 


I just knew something amazed.

Grown up to 17 , now only I knew it.

It's too late for me, huh?

my hair was born in curling.

But not straight as my sister.

I can't believed and keep searching the photo when I was small.

Oh my... Damn NOT STRAIGHTEN weyy : ( 

quite CURL hah..

Is me. 

=_=''' sweat.


this Thursday might not be here.

Im going to leave in Aunt's condominium with my sisters.

My eyes....

going to POP again. T_T