Tuesday, September 7, 2010

...::.. 7/9/10 ..::..

Went to Ms.Ng centre this morning.

Im glad that I had finished 2 sets of Add. Maths.

Thanks a lot. Ms.Ng.

These are the proves. 

We really did our studies. 


Doing Add Maths.
Messy is good.
How serious we are.

Stupid cat ! keep sms~ing with KAR YEE !

We never fake.

She is the who one broke my LOVE figure !

mandarin nameee. 5 years old handing.

Is sweetie SWEET YEE . Stay sweet ya!
My drawing. Haha.
Stupid cat ! disrupt MY LOVE !!!
My shoes.

Jeat Yinn's greenie shoes.
Carmen's pinkie shoes.

Hehe... with jeat yinn's bag. ^^
With Carmen's bag ^^

ThE End.


Catherine not allowed me to capture HER shoes.

very precious and valuable like GOLD only.

PS : sorry to Small Carmen & Jeat Yinn for never asking their permission and 

captured with their bag.

Im too excited.